Elbow Grease

Or rather, I’m up to my elbows in template migration and whatnot.

On the Tech Fu situation:
Last night I was able to log into to the regular MT install on 3hive. I then exported everything. I also did a MySQL dump.

Tonight, I’ve installed Movable Type 3.2 in a separate directory and imported through the Movable Type interface the old entries. I’m in the middle of re-categorizing Labels, Genres and creating top level categories. I’m embracing subcategories in the hopes I can eliminate the Filter Categories plugin. The Navotron depends on that plugin, but I think I can get the same functionality without it… I may be insane.

I decided against a MySQL migration using Movable Type 3.2 because I think that the original database might be jacked.

I’ll keep you posted. Bear in mind, I have a very busy day job, otherwise I’d have spent the past two days working on this and been all blogtacular about it. 3hive is a side project, people.

The speed difference between WordPress and Movable Type in taking existing categories and making them subcategories is negligible. Both of the interfaces don’t provide for migrating dozens upon dozens of categories under another one easily. It’s clicking, waiting, clicking waiting for each category. Hopefully, this will only happen once.

More later, dudes.

UPDATE: Holy Shit! I just got locked out! I can’t log in to EITHER Movable Type installation on my host. IT HAS TO BE THE SERVER. And I’m guessing the Perl installation on the server.