Episode 2: Planning is Super Fun

7 days in and we’re late already. Perfect!

Still, we landed our first sponsor! Thanks to Day One, a great app for journaling on your Mac and iOS device for supporting the show. If you’ve been on the fence about this app, check it out. Great for not publicly sharing the TMI moments in your life. The story I share on this episode about Day One is absolutely true.

Bloom, the company behind Day One. is run by Paul Mayne, a great guy and a great designer. I just now remembered following is his blog (before it had the current URL) a long, long time ago and thinking back then that this guy had a great career in front of him. Keep up the great work, Paul and thanks for being our first sponsor!

This episode is about family planning. Which means talk of grown up things. As usual, this episode is not for the kids. Unless you are insane or a worse parent than me.

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