Evocative Provacative by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

Evocative Provocative

These massive tulips take a little longer to bloom than others in our yard. They are huge. I’m avoiding the obvious subject at hand, which would be a discussion about Georgia O’Keefe 1, 2. My image is only midly suggestive. O’Keefe’s images are all the way labiariffic.

  • Ms. Moon

    Did you know there is actually a flower named “clitoria”?
    Flowers are the beautiful genitals of the plant world.

  • Joanne

    oh, no you don’t. (or no, you di’int?) when it comes to shooting tulips, there’s no such thing as “mildly suggestive”. not the only o’keefe influence i’ve noticed in your work, btw. all nice shots.

  • Patrick

    Beautiful macro!

  • greystreetgirl

    I’m totally working labiariffic into my lexicon. Thank you!

  • AmberT

    That has to be the first, best and to be honest, only use of the word labiariffic I have ever seen, but I can guarantee the usage just spiked considerably.

  • leesavee

    It’s not every day that I learn a newly created word! Now to find ways to use it in everyday conversation…Hmmmm.

  • alycebh

    Ms. O’Keeffe denied to the last that her paintings were anything more than large flowers.

    For what that’s worth.

    Was it her art or the orchid or the iris or the calla lily itself that was truly labiariffic? What of the poppies, the white trumpet flower, the closed up morning glory? Not particularly evocative, imo.

    Lovely photograph.

  • misterprecedent

    Labiariffic is my new favorite word. Please please please tell . . . uh, I mean . . . lovingly suggest and encourage Heather to use it in an upcoming masthead! Fitting, since you will soon be overwhelmingly outnumbered by them in the house, no?

    The photo is awesome, as usual.