Excellent Screamer Debunking

This article on Salon.com is lovely at debunking the talk radio/tea party/scremer cotillion:

Obama wants to kill your grandma | Salon News

I love that the only thing conservatives are offering on a street level is screaming. And look stupid, rabid and hypocritical doing it:

Effective? Sure. Is it going to solve healthcare? Nope. Is it naked corporate shilling? Yes:

Crooks and Liars: When Liberals protest it’s “fascism,” when Conservatives astroturf-protest it’s “democracy”

Think Progress: Spontaneous Uprising? Corporate Lobbyists Helping To Orchestrate Radical Anti-Obama Tea Party Protests

And more Maddow:

This is your conservative media end result: shilling for corporations under the guise of “real protest”. It’s astroturf all the way, baby.