Faroe Islands, First Day: Eiði & Gjógv

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Faroe Islands, First Day: Eiði & Gjógv

We stopped in Eiði to see and shoot one of the most incredible football pitches I’ve ever seen:

At Eiði football pitch, Faroe Islands. - Blurbomat.com

Looking down on the football pitch at Eiði, Faroe Islands. - Blurbomat.com

Then on to Gjógv to shoot the stunning village and views:

Looking across the channel


Boat at Gjógv

Looking up toward Gjógv in the secret harbor, Faroe Islands - Blurbomat.com

Secret Harbor

There may be a couple more shots from the first day to share, but I’ll start an album on Flickr and link to that in another post.

* * *

As I write this (Monday, July 14), I’m running late (surprise!) to get going and head over to the ferry for a new adventure. More to come, for sure.