Faroe Islands, First Day: Saksun

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Faroe Islands, First Day: Saksun

In the afternoon, we drove to a few spots, and took photos. I took a lot of photos. A ridiculously large number of photos. Here are a few from our first stop.

Saksun on Streymoy, Faroe Islands:

Ship in the Fog, Faroe Islands - Blurbomat.com

Clouds surround one of the Faroe Islands - Blurbomat.com

Boat and buildings show the massive height and scale of the Faroe Islands. - Blurbomat.com

Saksun church gate, Faroe Islands - Blurbomat.com

As you can see in this image, the light is constantly changing on the Faroes when there are clouds in the sky:

Church at Saksun, Faroe Islands - Blurbomat.com

The light here is ever changing and always amazing, even in the rain, which we had a lot of yesterday (Saturday).