Filtered Sunset

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Filtered Sunset

Playing around with some filtering software. I have similar software on my phone and iPad. That software cost me about $8. The software for the desktop? $299. Is there any wonder left why people are flocking to devices like smartphones and tablets (specifically, the iPad)?

This software is simulating the film days when photographers would use glass filters to get effects that are now done entirely digitally. I remember seeing a professional photographer’s filter collection 30 years ago. It was staggering to think about all the money spent on filters. Makes even the $299 seem like pennies.

Does seeing this kind of treatment move you more or less? Does knowing it is a software filter make it more or less compelling an image? In film days, this would have been one of the filters that a photographer put on her camera and shot the scene. Does it make a difference to the view now, knowing that it’s digital?

I love heavily worked on images. This just seems a natural tool in the arsenal.