For Sale: Streetlight Sun

For Sale: Streetlight Sun

Streetlight Sun


8×10 printed on 8.5×11 (for matting purposes)
Photo Rag (308 gsm) matte finish archival paper
Museum quality, pigment based inks
Un-numbered. Signature upon request.
Price: $40 USD
Domestic purchase only. For now. If enough International interest is secured I’ll look into it. But customs scares me. I’ve never had good luck shipping anything internationally. Ever.

Questions? photos [at] blurbomat [dot] com
I’ll consider custom requests on a case by case basis. I’m relatively easy to work with.
I’m a total newbie with the shopping cart stuff, so forgive me if I have a weird setting or two.

Over the years, I’ve sold prints here and there (thanks readers!), but I’ve wanted to do it in a more organized and serious fashion. The problem has been time and hubris. It takes time to build a site or sub-site that would host the images for sale, the shopping cart and the fulfillment. Sure, there’s Etsy, but I just didn’t want to go through the trouble to set all that up, because I felt that the return wouldn’t justify the effort. It’s not that I don’t think my photos are appealing or have value. It’s that the overhead of running a site and the customer service time along with order fulfillment has put me off doing it. Plus, I was flat out scared. I’m a pretty good art director and designer. I’m not ashamed to take money for those pursuits. Photography is another beast. I’m not a museum snob. I didn’t graduate from a photography program. In my own head, I’m a hack. But so many of you keep asking. And I could go super high end and charge hundreds of dollars.

A few months ago, I got a request from Ms. Sarah Brown for a file to make a print on her own. Because I wanted a nice print for myself of the photo she requested, I asked her if she’d be willing to pay extra for a sweet print that was signed. She agreed and I liked the results so much that it spurred me to offer this to the general public.

After much research, hemming, hawing and being flummoxed I found a great printer, a great paper and did some more research. And more of what the Mrs. likes to call “lollygagging”. Let’s be clear, the Mrs. is wrong. It’s called indecisiveness. And a desire for perfection.

The print SHOULD be matted. I learned in my months of research (thanks Marshall!) that over time, inks can stick to glass, so a mat is necessary on this print. Because I’m not a decorator, I’ll recommend a white mat with a black frame. But that’s me. Once you buy one of these prints, all those decisions are yours to make.

The print will not rub your feet or your head. It will not tell you that you are a poor little bunny.

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