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From a Long Road

I would add lonely to the title, but Leta was my copilot. She’s great company, despite asking every 10-15 minutes, like every child before her, if we were there yet, how much longer until we got there and do you know where you are going, dad?

This one is shot and edited on iPhone. I didn’t bother trying to frame this, just point and shoot in the general direction. The volume-up/shutter release on the iPhone 4S is a great tool for grabbing a bunch of shots quickly. I’m amazed at how many rapid fire shots I can get when I use it.

* * *

Affirmation: Lighten up.

  • Roberta

    Everyone loves a good sunset photo, don’t they? And yours are so dramatic with depth. I’m loving them. I much prefer landscape photos over architecture, though I am intrigued by photos of small personal spaces, work spaces in particular – art studios, writer’s offices, etc. Sorry, the blathering shall stop!

  • Cathy Gorgens-Meyer

    Jon could you explain a bit more on the iPhone 4? I have one and it has the most ANNOYING habit of my pictures and videos being shot upside down! Don’t laugh! What am I doing wrong. The ONLY time I’m ensured I’ll get one right side up is when the camera icon is staring me right in the face and I’m taking a vertical picture. It’s when I flip it horizontal that I’ve obviously not figured out which side the camera or video icon needs to be facing. Right or left?

    • blurb

      Sounds like two possible issues: 1) broken gyroscope, see an Apple genius; 2) Your phone is locked into a certain orientation; double click the home button and drag the icons to the right, revealing audio controls and an orientation lock button. Make sure that the orientation lock is off.

      One other note: You might want to nuke your camera app by first taking a photo with it. Then press the home button twice. When the bottom icons are revealed (it’s a list of the most recent apps used NOT the regular screen of icons), press and hold the camera icon until the icons vibrate and you see the red minus circles. Touch the red minus circle for the camera icon.

      Let me know how it goes.