Further Dooce Tweaks

Just so you know, you need to refresh your cache when visiting dooce.com.

I had relied on a whole lot of CSS flim-flammery to get just the right combination of fonts and styles for the comments. After it not working on every browser, and realizing that I was being dumb. I fixed her comments using an ordered list. I know many people are probably saying, “no shit, Sherlock” right about now, but I’ve had a few other things on my mind. Also, Heather wanted about four different unique styles and sizes in the comments area.

So. I cleaned up the CSS (used a container div with an ol and an li definition for that div), made Heather happy and made it so that no matter what browser you use, the comments are correctly indented. Ah, the joys of anality. And the joys of CSS.

P.S. We still haven’t made her site generate dynamic pages yet. Once all the plug-ins are done, we’ll definitely be going dynamic, for more than just Movable Type rebuilds only.

P.S.S. Scheduling posts to go live at some future time is very sweet. Not that my life depends on this feature, but one day, on another site, it might.

P.S.S.S. My wife is obdurate with the singing of Mormon hymns to Leta at random times and doing so quite loudly.