Further Microsoft Bullshit

Apologies to the non-geek readers. And a special shout out to people still trapped using Lotus Notes as a “productivity” application.

I’m still fuming about Microsoft’s claim of adding Exchange support to Entourage. More people talking about it on MacWindows.com. DJ Blurb is included in the irate email area. I’m glad to see so many people being vocal about this. Ultimately, I doubt Microsoft will do anything about it.

The market is open for a hack or for Apple to step in.

Prior to the Office 10.1.4 upgrade, Entourage could get mail from Exchange servers, provided the server had IMAP enabled. All they’ve done is added what appears to be meager hooks into the Calendar and Address parts of Exchange. And from what I can tell, haven’t done a very good job. Even Outlook 2001 in Classic is a better Exchange client than Entourage.

I’m certain that this will be on par with the Word 6 debacle 8 years ago. It took Microsoft 3 years to finally release a usable version of Word. I remember it being 2000 and people were still using Word 5, because they were so wary to upgrade after being burned by Microsoft.

I’m praying to Steve Jobs right now that Mail will support Exchange hooks.