God Schmod

After watching this and reading this why would anyone want an evangelical Christian in the White House?

If I was an evangelical Christian, I’d vote his ass out on the tarnishing he (and his crew) have done to the country in the name of God. Does your God want you to behave like American soldiers did at Abu Ghraib?

But I’m not an evangelical Christian. I’m an ex-Mormon Democrat. I’m opposed to fundamentalism. I’m opposed to claiming a moral superiorty while engaging in the very acts that one is supposed to stand against. I cannot believe that people aren’t screaming for impeachment, based on how Bush II’s military has behaved. He is the Commander-in-Chief. He has failed more than the country. He has failed the world. He has failed his God. He has lied. He continues to lie.

I hope that you will join me in voting his ass out of office. I don’t like anyone’s God calling the shots for my country. If I wanted that, I’d move to any number of fundamentalist countries in the Middle East.

Kerry in 2004.