Golden Trumpeter

Golden Trumpeter
February 16, 2009 Jon Armstrong image: Golden Trumpeter by Jon Armstrong

I’ll try to avoid a lengthy explaination of Mormon iconography. This guy is the angel Moroni. He sits atop every Mormon temple.

Last Friday, we did a quick tour of the temple the LDS Church built in Draper, Utah. It’s a beautiful building. It’s in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the Salt Lake Valley, and the interior of the building reflects the surrounding riches. The exterior is plain, but inside is something else; a kind of post F.L. Wright/mid-century modern/arts and crafts with roccoco overtones. The fabric choices on the upholstery were a pleasant surprise. Brazilian cherry wood abounds as does Italian marble. This temple is geared for weddings and it showed in the bridal rooms. Talk about princess dreams coming true. Dressing tables that would make anybody feel like a million bucks.

The general public is typically allowed in before the buildings are dedicated for use. That means they let Heather and I in along with anyone else who wants to see what it looks like. Avoid Saturdays if you want to take a look.

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