GOP Cowards

Last night, my lady went to dinner with some old friends. I was rocking it solo. I met a friend for dinner and we decided to go get coffee somewhere else upon finishing our dinner. He and I were in separate cars and I had parked around the corner. So I was walking down the main drag in Salt Lake City. I headed to my vehicle with a take-home styrofoam clamshell loaded with jumbalaya. I felt pretty good as I considered that I’ll have a nice little jumbalaya lunch one day soon at the new gig. I noticed a guy crossing the street carrying a home made sign bearing the words “Impeach Bush”. I yelled, “right on!”

He looked worried. I think he’s misinterpreted my intention.

As he gets to my corner, six or seven white male preppy ass college fuckers come laughingly running up and throw what appears to be water balloons at him at a high velocity. As the guy is hit, he says to his attackers, “I just want to talk to you about what I believe!”

I’m instantly enraged. Maybe it’s the years in San Francisco. Maybe it’s the utter self-righteousness with which the conservatives have waged this horrible war (on the propaganda front as well as the fronts in Iraq). Whatever it is, I’m so incensed, that I begin screaming “Fuck you, you fucking GOP Coward fucks” and “You are George Bush’s little bitches, you coward fuckers!”

Another pedestrian sees what is going on, steps away from his group of three friends as I tell them that the guy carrying the sign just got attacked by these fuckers. One of them instantly flips the bird and yells, “Fuck off!” while his friends decide that I’m obviously too volatile to be standing near and make overtures to the bird flipper that it’s time to bail from crazy boy.

At this moment, I realize that if the college fuckers want a piece of me, I’m alone. All my indignation isn’t going to pay for the ER bills. I walk to my car, needle firmly in the red, my resolve to counter fascist-born hatred googleplexed. I scream one last time, knowing that my meager voice can’t silence a nation hell-bent on blood.

Even in their most self-righteous, the left can’t muster hate like the right. Fight the Youth. The youth with poisoned minds.

God damned conservative fuckers.

  • Ms. Haplopia

    You’re my hero.

  • the mighty jimbo

    shame those conservative fucks are usually better armed than their liberal counterparts, be it with cruise missiles or water balloons.

  • the mighty jimbo

    shame those conservative fucks are usually better armed than their liberal counterparts, be it with cruise missiles or water balloons.

  • the mighty jimbo

    sorry for the double post blurb. airport range problems. biggest p.o.s. apple has ever made. sigh. i gotta get a lynxis. gonna use this fucking weeble to throw at conservative fucks.

  • soleilani

    Which is more disheartening, the ignorance or the blood-thirst? I nominate you for Prez in 2004.

  • kath

    That’s it. From now on, I”M gonna carry water balloons.

  • GK

    “We will teach our twisted speech
    To the unbelievers
    We will train our blue-eyed men
    To be young believers.”

    The satanic GOP (Gathering of Pigs) has done an extremely effective job of acclimating a whole generation of self-righteous Bush Youth in their service. The really sad thing is they believe they are serving the best interests of the nation in parroting the party line. Which means we gotta work twice as hard to rescue them from the darkness. Keep fighting the good fight. Regime change 2004. One way or another.

  • Beerzie Boy

    Shoulda doused them the jambalaya. It is a war; sacrifices need to be made.

  • Michael

    Good call on the Fishbone lyric.
    I did 7-10th grade in Salt Lake City in the mid 80s. Sounds like things haven’t changed a bit.

  • krotchbat

    If you had been carrying a .45 you could’ve just pulled it out and shot those fuckers. Done and done. I mean, what’s the big deal?

  • phil

    you gots churchbell balls!

  • the propagandist

    at least i’m not alone in expressing violent intentions towards the self righteous fuckheads that are in favor of war.

    the only difference is i went in on them – and the little coward bastards scattered.

  • eggberto

    awww yeah. fishbone. i saw them play at my high school in ’88. fuck i’m old.

    death to preppy-ass republican coward fuckers.

  • Jenny

    It’s so awful here in Mormon/Conservative country, isn’t it? I’m enraged daily at these self-righteous fuckers. It’s as if we are having our rights taken away if our opinions aren’t exactly as theirs are. What the fuck kind of freedom is that??!!

  • patatomic

    “Ignite the truth–
    Restore sight to these blind”

    Fishbone rocked on about fifty levels.

    Jenny, I take offense to the Mormon comment. Some of the most liberal people I know are dyed-in-the-wool Mormon. Your comments don’t help, rather they perpetuate a stereotype that may divide rather than unite. There was NOTHING in Blurb’s post about Mormons. This story could have happended anywhere. Think before you speak….please.

    On another note, I heard a story about a group of Anti-War protesters smashing up a National Guardsman’s car. I don’t think that that is right either.

    Bush is killing this country of ours.

  • Jason Kill

    I’m glad to see there’s plenty of hate to go around.

  • Jenny


    Mormon Conservatives are the ones, in my experience around here, that have causing me the most stress. Thats why I was specific. I wasn’t just throwing stereotypes out there… just my personal experiences. Sure, not all Mormons are that way, but I was specifically talking about the ones that are.

    You can’t tell me they aren’t the majority.

  • Heather K.

    Two words: You rock.

  • Banky

    Hey from Australia! You’re my new hero

  • Paul

    I was waiting for the part of your story where you smothered your jumbalaya in the “little bitches” faces. I had to waste a great leftover on an ass hole one time – it’s just not worth it.

  • ms. haplopia

    You mentioned that “Some of the most liberal people I know are dyed-in-the-wool Mormon.” Are you serious? You should really get out more if those are the most liberal folks you know.

    What exactly does liberal mean to you? Perhaps I misunderstand the way you are using the word.

  • Michelle

    “Jambalaya.” That’s an A.

    Of course, if you got it in Utah, it wasn’t really jambalaya in the first place.

    I had to get that out of my system… good on you for not standing idly by while dude got waterbombed. War supporters are scary folk.

  • patatomic


    Of course Mormons are the majority politically and socially in Utah. I just don’t see how this became a Mormon issue.

    If you have proof that the water ballooners are Mormon, then I will shut up.

    Ms. Haplopia:

    I am speaking both socially and politically. For almost ten years I lived in San Francisco and was deep in the Mormon community there. I used to attend the UC Berkeley ward for two years and associated with hundreds of people (both Mormon and non-Mormon) from just about everywhere who believed just about everything.

    I believe that in my life I get out plenty.

    Maybe you should get out more.

  • Dave Thomas

    Moreover, Ms. Haplopia:

    There’s a difference between saying “Some of the most liberal people I know are dyed-in-the-wool Mormon” and “Dyed-in-the-wool Mormons are some of the most liberal people I know,” which how you apparently interpreted pat’s remark. Do you see the difference? It’s a biggie.

    There are all kinds of Mormons. Many (most, in Utah) are conservative. But there are also liberal Mormons, socialist Mormons, polygamist Mormons, foot-fetishist Mormons, mass-murderer Mormons, Mormons who eat dog meat, water-ballooner Mormons, anti-water-ballooner Mormons, Mormons with cinnamon rolls for ears and Mormons who need Mormons, widely regarded as the luckiest Mormons in the world.

    Get out, Ms. Haplopia, and meet you some Mormons. They’ll be glad you did.

  • Dave Thomas

    Sorry, Ms. Haplopia. I meant that there’s a big difference between “Some of the most liberal people I know are Mormon” and “Mormons are the most liberal people I know,” which is what you actually said pat said.

    Nothing worse than careless condescending guy, which is what I actually am.

  • josh

    Wait, we are still “self-righteous fuckers” right? Oh good.

  • omnician

    I know you wish you could roll back the clock to have said something more eloquent, but, well done! Do stand up for what’s right, but don’t resort to violence–it’ll immediately make headlines: Pacifist Promoted Pummeling: Dooce Not Happy. Your meager voice, my meager voice and several million others wil bring an end to this unholy U.S. regime.

    I, too, am amazed at how effectively this administration has divided the world and drawn the battle lines between U.S. citizens. I made a harmless post here cheering Michael Moore for not being an apologist and I get the most rabid, ignorant, hate-filled, Unabomberish, right-wing email I’ve ever seen. Why they be hatin’ on me?

    By the way, if you haven’t already, see the movie “Bob Roberts.” It brilliantly shows the evil brainwashing of the Right’s youth. Anybody remember Young Americans for Freedom on campus?



  • dj blurb

    Everybody can hate. But nobody can hate like the fundamentalist right.

    Bob Roberts is a great movie. Very funny, yet very scary.

  • Jenny

    Okay, maybe I should be a little more descriptive of what I was trying to say. I am not anti-mormon. In fact, many of my family and friends who I love are Mormon. What I WAS trying to say was, in MY experience here in UTAH, there are close-minded conservative right-wing people, and close-minded conservative Mormon right wing people. Not all Mormons fall into that group, but a lot do. And what I was saying was that IN MY EXPERIENCE the Mormons who are conservative and closeminded are much quicker to judge and be ignorant than those who aren’t Mormon. I don’t know if it’s because of the way Mormons are brought up, you know-being told everything is their way or wrong… no “in between”… and being so quick to judge people who don’t have their same beliefs. Again, not ALL Mormons do this… but alot do.

    So, in comparison to non-Mormons and Mormons… the ones who seem to be doing most of the judging and finger-pointing and have the most ignorance seem to be the Mormon ones around here.

    That being said, I should’nt have thrown it out there on a public forum, as it’s sure to offend some people, and it’s hard to get my point across correctly. I don’t really mind Mormons, I just don’t like the overall Mormon-Government influence on this city. (What, with the liquer laws, strip club laws, etc. …all showing huge signs of religious influence, which isn’t supposed to happen.) Sorry that it bled over into the conversation here… I know that Blurb didn’t bring anything up about that.

    I hope that made sense.

  • ms. haplopia

    Yikes! I pushed the Mormon hot button.

    I wasn’t passing judgement on Mormons. I was laughing at the fact that Patatomic said that some of the most liberal people he knows are Mormon. His wording was funny. I wasn’t implying that there are no liberal Mormons.

    And now I’ve participated in getting other posters way off subject. Sorry!

    About getting out more? I REALLY need to get out more. Can you ever really get out too much?

  • misterbrown

    “you can’t stop a war by
    marching and fighting. You have to say ‘fuck it’ and walk away.”

    Ken Kesey, Berkeley 1959

  • kgjbnme

    Great post! Two words, blurb & all y’all who, like me, are looking for regime change at home in 2004: Howard. Dean.

  • Bunnigrrrl

    You’re my hero too. I applaude your guts and conviction!

  • Thomas


  • omnician

    dj blurb said: “Everybody can hate. But nobody can hate like the fundamentalist right.”

    I believe it. When I was a grasshopper trying to figure left from right, I discovered that the clear majority of assassins were right-wingers. I’m talkin’ from John Wilks-Booth, to Pres. Garfield’s assassin acting on the “will of God”, to James Earl Ray, to Lee Harvey Oswald to Timothy McVeigh, and on÷ The collection would probably quadruple if we counted CIA-sponsored hitmen (but letÌs not degenerate into paranoid, conspiracy theories, o.k.? I was just thinking about where the CIA took out OTHER countriesÌ leaders.). At the outset I may only concede Sirhan Sirhan (it gets murky when you factor in international affairs and nationalism) and that there are some genuine nutcases like Squeaky Fromme & Hinkley. Otherwise, we’re talking about an undeniably-large hatinÌ capacity on the right.

    Peace, out.

  • Lisa

    I’m not smart enough to figure out how to comment on Dooce’s site. I just wanted to say that those pictures of Chuck make me want to scratch his ears. Sorry for being out of place, here.

  • bkd&e–sleep deprived

    What have we been missing while we are away?

    1. Glad you spoke up. Did you ever know that you were our hero? –Bullies suck!

    2. We miss you guys. We miss our TIVO.

    3. What a great tangent this particular posting took. What a great way to avoid going to bed for just three more minutes.

    3. Reality Check (The WalMart Phenomenon): It seems that anywhere, say, Utah, Tennessee, Israel, WalMart…there is a specific group of people like Mormons, Muslims, Poor White Folk; you will see more prominence in the specific culture, ethnic group, whatever–Meaning: When there are a lot of one group in one place, statistically, you will get more wackos, more fundamentalists, more liberals, more right-wingers, more mullets, because your demographic is larger. Thus, those group characteristics are more pronounced–The Utah thing is getting so old. I say to all those people, get over yourself, make this world a better palce or move somewhere else.

  • scotty the body

    love ya, blurb. those anuses needed somebody to stand up to them. despite the fact that they were “just” throwing water balloons, the psychic act of what they did is much scarier.

    of course, they’re not really evil. that’s reserved for fuckwads like Saddam Hussein and his murderous sons.

    Oh ya, and Ashcroft.

  • david

    wow. i feel so misunderstood. noone hates like the right? not in my experience. oh well.

  • Baby Bupinder

    Hate only begets hate. Let’s all Poop for PeaceÙ on April 15th. Heather, if you can’t particpate, I’ll understand.

  • Los Feliz freak

    Good for you Blurb. At least you spoke up. Below is a pretty cool quote for your quiver, next time you get into it a verbal sparring match with one of these people:
    “While we hoped that popular revolt would topple Saddam, we did not wish to see the breakup of the Iraqi state. Extending the war into Iraq would have incurred incalculable human and political costs. We would have been forced to occupy Baghdad and, in effect, rule Iraq. The coalition would instantly have collapsed, the Arabs deserting in anger and other allies pulling out as well. Unilaterally exceeding the U.N.’s mandate would have destroyed the precedent of international response to aggression we hoped to establish. Had we gone the invasion route, the U.S. could still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land.”
    — From “Why We Didn’t Remove Saddam” by George Bush [Sr.] and Brent Scowcroft, Time Magazine, 1998

  • Stinking Bastard

    Quotes are fun,

    “Good evening. Earlier today, I ordered America’s armed forces to strike military and security targets in Iraq. They are joined by British forces. Their mission is to attack Iraq’s nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten its neighbors. Their purpose is to protect the national interest of the United States, and indeed the interests of people throughout the Middle East and around the world.”

    –Bill Clinton

    Blurb, I think you did the right thing, I just would hope you guys would do the same regardless if they had a (D) or an (R) after their name.

  • jimmypage

    you are such a bleeding-heart-ignorant-fuck. you obviously don’t know dick about why this war is being waged. you and that non-sencical cunt-of-a-wife you have, should be exiled or lobotomized, at the very least.

    move to fucking france, you sad excuse for an american. somebody should frag your sorry ass for wasting bandwidth with your asinine views and unintelligent takes on things you don’t have a clue about.

    it appears you simply repeat the tired-old rhetoric that imbeciles like jesse jackson and al gore tout.

  • Dave Thomas

    Changing a lot of hearts and minds there, JP.

    I don’t know what’s worse: repeating tired-old rhetoric or repeating tired-old schoolyard cuss words.

    What do you suppose you’re contributing, to the discussion? To the war effort? To America?

  • ms. haplopia

    I think jimmypage’s comment illustrates the point made in the post almost better than the post itself. Bravo jimmypage. Way to speak up as the voice of intolerance and hate.

  • Laura

    Because of my refusal to wear a yellow ribbon at work (like everyone else), I am now considered a traitor against our great nation by a right-wing, gung-ho, blindly-following-Bush-type-guy.

    And if I have to listen to him whine about how he just can’t stop watching CNN and he can’t sleep at night, I’m going to get all up in his grill and scream, “YOU WANTED THIS FUCKING WAR SO SHUT UP YOU HYPOCRITICAL REPUBLICAN DRAMA QUEEN!”

    I feel better now.

  • Your Correctional Officer

    I think JP needs a nap!

  • parsimony

    We live in a fucked up world and unfortunately our government has to do a lot of shady things in order for us to live the life we all want to live, to enjoy the things we have (or covet) and to be as blissfully ignorant as we can manage.

    It takes a lot of shady underworkings in the world for the biggest worry in your life to be about why this pixel isn’t lining up with that one.

    You said: “I scream one last time, knowing that my meager voice canÌt silence a nation hell-bent on blood.”

    Give me a break. I’m a Liberal. I didn’t vote for Bush and that makes me want hurl.

  • dj blurb

    I fully expected this post to bring out the trolls.

    JP–Ad hominem attacks will get you nowhere. Sort of. Dissenting views are always welcome in the comments area. Attacks on my wife are not. It goes without saying that you and your ilk are the very reason I felt necessary to share this story.

    parsimony–My reference to a “nation hell-bent on blood” is all about the U.S. need to take out our collective 9/11 rage and make SOMEBODY pay. Would you not agree that part of this war’s popularity is due to our own battle scars and our need for vengeance and a kind of justice?

  • bkd&e
    G.B.-Endless Love–I am sure you have seen this.

  • plankton

    It’s exactly the hardline refusal to compromise held by water-balloon throwing, (allegedly) mormon conservatives and the car-smashing, window-shattering, black-bandana-wearing anarchists I encountered recently at an anti-war rally in seattle that keep the War happening everywhere. And Donald Rumsfeld.

    If people in the middle east could compromise to create an automous Palestinian state, most of this shit wouldn’t be going on. OK, and also if we weren’t hopelessly hooked on oil, desperate like only a junkie can be to get our next fix of light, sweet crude.

  • http://na porkchop

    War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing…say it again
    War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing….say it again

    Jon, you have heuvos the size of bowling balls. People on both sides of this issue need to vent.

    Jimmypage: you and the rest of your GED class can blow me, you dumbfuck redneck.

  • http://na porkchop

    War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing…say it again
    War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing….say it again

    Jon, you have heuvos the size of bowling balls. People on both sides of this issue need to vent.

    Jimmypage: you and the rest of your GED class can blow me, you dumbfuck redneck.

  • stonedown

    I can completely relate. I got into a heated argument over lunch with a few coworkers. At the apex of the argument, I was yelling, “This war is unnecessary! Bush is INCOMPETENT and a DISGRACE!” I created quite a scene, although I wasn’t the only one raising my voice. My buddies were arguing that a $400 billion deficit was small in comparison with the GDP and that it was wimpy for other nations to ask the U.S. to make a list of items where Iraq should was out of compliance. Stupid stuff like that. Blind acceptance of the Bush administration’s excuses for going to war.

    Haven’t had lunch with them since, mainly because I don’t want to fight with them, but I refuse to listen to their stupid opinions without expressing my own.

  • parsimony

    I think the notion of this war being “popular” is incorrect. I think it’s more acceptance of the fact that we’re in it. Can’t turn around and go home. Success, in purely military terms, is inevitable so what most Americans are really concerned about, at least I hope so, are our troops. They are the ones who truly have something to lose.

    What I am totally against is this notion that if you are conservative you are therefore some variation of an ignorant, racist, redneck, religious-fanatic, nazi homophobe and if you’re liberal you’re a chain smoking, apathetic, tree-hugging malcontent who spends their time cultivating their own indifference.

    Did you ever even consider that those water balloon tossing miscreants weren’t politically motivated? That they were perhaps (shock!) just a bunch of dumbasses doing things dumbasses do?

  • dj blurb

    I did consider that the miscreants weren’t politically motivated. In this climate, the one created by conservatives holding the power, it’s more difficult to determine what exactly are the motivations of someone attacking someone else.

    I don’t think I characterized the attacks as politically motivated. I characterized my response as politically motivated. There is a distinction. As I stated above, it’s also a hard one to make in the current climate.

  • parsimony

    But you did make that characterization, although indirectly. It’s not so much their motivation as yours, which made me post in the first place. It’s not so much I care about what side of the fence you sit on, it’s more of an interest in the nature of your overreaction. You’ve made it clear to me that the same things you indict the conservatives for, you yourself are guilty of.

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

  • dj blurb

    Indeed. That’s my point. I wouldn’t say that I overreacted. Rather, I reacted in a way due to the current political climate. As a way to say I can’t take it.

    You are also making a characterization. Of yourself, the self-righteous centrist. You don’t take a side, but throw shots at those who do.

  • parsimony

    Did you not see that I clearly identified as a liberal, although we seem to be practicing two different brands? I just don’t believe that all things liberal are right and all things conservative are wrong. That’s bullshit. I think it’s a lazy and irresponsible pattern to fall into. If deciding not to do that makes me a self-righteous centrist, then so be it. I’d rather be that than an intolerant liberal.

    What exactly is it that you can’t take? Am I missing something? You keep referring to the “current climate.” What exactly is so distressing? You sound as if you yourself are being persecuted or attacked. Geez, if that puts you into an emotional tizzy then I’d hate to see how you’d handle being black in this country or a woman or gay or an Arab or poor.

    Rage against the machine, right? LOL.

  • ms. haplopia

    Oh for fuck’s sake. Can’t a guy just have a moment of pure rage without having to analyse it to death?

  • yourwakeupcall

    you have much to learn.

    frankly, your take shows an understanding that rivals a top-notch effort put forth by a community college student…. a community college student trying real hard to get that a- on his current events essay for history 101.

    get your head out of your ass and realize that you *couldn’t* be more wrong. perhaps, you should give it a shot… just think for a minute, what if *they* were right? think about it, dj-blimpo…

    maybe÷ just maybe÷ it’s a good idea to protect our homeland from nightmares far worse than 9/11. that very goal was passed by congress in an almost unanimous vote÷to support our president regarding the iraq endeavor.

    you simply donÌt have a leg to stand on, accusing conservatives as being cowards.

    nevertheless, if you open your mind, you just might find that its *possible* to be a non-christian/mormon/zealot/et al citizen to support the greater good that only the usa can provide to the socially-disintegrating civilizations of our planet. imperialism? no. protect what george washington fought for? yes.

    iÌm not saying we can fix all the worlds problems, by regime-change÷ but those that could even *possibly* assist terrorists; need to be taken care of. the manner in which your political party backed the president, in our current war effort, doesnÌt gibe with your sophomoric liberal ideology.

    ehh, fuck it÷ youÌll probably either end up planning a murder or starting a religion.

    such the rebel.

    go dj÷ go dj÷ go dj
    go blurbo÷ go blurbo÷ go blurbo
    go rebel÷ go rebel÷ go rebel

    youÌd find much comfort living in france.


  • heath

    it’s everywhere and it must be stopped!

  • Jenny

    What I don’t understand is, why do people keep imagining that this war is going to MINIMIZE terrorism? Do they not REALIZE how many enemies we are making by going forward with this war? This war will (hopefully) get rid of Saddam, but it will NOT minimize terrorism. Anyone should be able to see that. The more enemies we have, the more terrorist attacks we will have. We are being a bully… and nobody likes a bully.

    It’s just funny how Bush turned 9/11 into a war against Iraq when 9/11 had nothing to do with Saddam. Very clever, Bushie- but you didn’t fool me! Unfortunately, he DID fool so many of his sheep-people who don’t question, only trust. And it’s scary that people so easily trust such a slimy slimy man.

    Just my opinion. Go ahead and slam me if you want.

  • Merkley

    all this over water balloons? geez, you’d think it was a lynching.
    you’d loot too.
    war works.

  • jacob

    scum sucking fascist consumer whores. the revolutionaries and artists of the 60s and 70s such as peter tosh, john lennon and jim morrison were asking “WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE WE LEAVING FOR OUR CHILDREN” well, a world where a retard puppet commits a coup d’etat then stages a massive act of terror to gain some credibility, then a obese, brainwashed bunch of satanic sheep people (such as our honky preppy shit eater friends) worship him, a la Kim Jong-Il, as our “Great Leader”. I am 18, and i think that it is a fucking disgrace that these cowardly ameriKKKan pig “leaders” have such a lack of vision for humanity that they have reinstituted a Reagan-era level of paranoia, hatred, uncertainty and braindead philosophy

  • Clubfoot

    Just like DJ, GW’s got balls. Nations will think twice before harboring or protecting terrorists. What the FUCK are we supposed to do, just sit back and take this shit? C’mon people, we have to do something to show these coward-assed motherfuckers they can’t get away with this shit. Fuck.
    Sorry for the swearing.


    What disturbs me is the hypocrisy of the left, which is just as judgmental with sweeping generalizations as the right.

    I’m a Republican. I don’t belittle people who don’t support the war. I laugh at some of the wacky theories some of the professional protesters have come up with, but I respect their right to express their opinions. I do wish they would get out of the way so I could get to work on time, tho’…

    What this entire thread has shown me is how deep-seated the anger and resentment is among the left to have a conservative president. But your protests here are positively dripping with the very same self-righteous moral indignation you claim to despise when it comes from the right.

    I don’t blindly follow Bush, nor do I agree with him or his cabinet on every issue. I might agree with them half the time at best. I only voted for Bush because McCain lost the primary and Gore was a dud. And for the record, Rummy is a scary old crank who should be put out to pasture. Immediately.

    Those guys with the water balloons were assholes. But whether Republican or Democrat, assholes are assholes. Hate the jerks, not everybody in the party. Or you’re no better than the right-wing wackos who hate all Jews or all blacks.

    And for crissakes, drink a beer, smoke a joint, or do SOMETHING to unwind. Sheesh, I thought my side of the aisle was the uptight bunch…

  • silvia


  • blue

    What we don’t like about the right is the violence they use to further their own interests and endorse their might, right? So how does it help if we use violence against them? Using violence means that although we do not agree with WHAT they’re doing, we do agree with HOW they’re doing it.

    If we believe violence is wrong, it must be deemed wrong in all circumstances. Otherwise, everyone will have his/her own personal war and we’ll all end up killing each other.

  • Colin

    Nice to see that you are all so pleased to hurl verbal waterballoons and stereotype conservatives and republicans (they are not the same) as all being red-neck war mongers or racists. Bush did not get elected (no Gore arguments here, please) because all the preps and hicks turned out to the poles! The balloon jerks do not represent MY beliefs and I am not about to take shit for their poor behavior or for the fact that Bush represents my political beliefs more often that Gore! This does not make me his bitch; it makes him my part-time representative in the Oval Office.

  • http://none DPS

    The way the left throws around the words “fascist,” “Nazi” and the like is despicable and horribly disrespectful of the ACTUAL atrocities committed by the Third Reich. The contemporary hyperbolic comparisons aren’t just intellectually bankrupt, they make you sound like a retard.

    By the way, I don’t see anybody bitching about Arnold being egged. I guess it’s okay for the left to have the political discourse of a 12 year old, but God (woops, can I say “God” here?) forbid some idiots toss some water balloons at someone.

    Ah, and my how the tolerant left has no problem painting the right as a bunch of rednecks… or preppies… whichever fits the current moronic insult being thrown their way. You say that Republicans are so full of hate but you never explain how or provide an actual example that isn’t easily countered or equally indicative of people on the left.

  • Tracy

    Iraq is full of Muslim Extremists…the worst kind

    Don’t start spouting crap about Islam being a peaceful religion. Go read about it for Pete’s sake. I personally feel organized religion in any form is crap and the cause for most if not all war and terror in this world. I am not an aethiest but an agnostic. Islam says that you should convert people to it to be a good Muslim and that all people who aren’t Muslim are second rate citizens (Slaves, whatever). The long term goal of these bastards is to spread their religion through out the world or take it over depending on how you look at it. Usama Bin Laden has been quoted as saying in interviews that his immediate goal is to get the west out of the Middle East. Ok you say…maybe we should leave. Well, what in the hell do you think his goal will be when we leave? Is Bush doing the right thing? I don’t know for sure, but I do know that Clinton’s complacency probably had more to do with 9/11 than actually preventing it. People need to realize one thing. This is not a war against Terrorism. It is a war against Islam. I’ve heard quotes that we will be lucky if this war is over within the next 100 years.

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