GOP Cowards

Last night, my lady went to dinner with some old friends. I was rocking it solo. I met a friend for dinner and we decided to go get coffee somewhere else upon finishing our dinner. He and I were in separate cars and I had parked around the corner. So I was walking down the main drag in Salt Lake City. I headed to my vehicle with a take-home styrofoam clamshell loaded with jumbalaya. I felt pretty good as I considered that I’ll have a nice little jumbalaya lunch one day soon at the new gig. I noticed a guy crossing the street carrying a home made sign bearing the words “Impeach Bush”. I yelled, “right on!”

He looked worried. I think he’s misinterpreted my intention.

As he gets to my corner, six or seven white male preppy ass college fuckers come laughingly running up and throw what appears to be water balloons at him at a high velocity. As the guy is hit, he says to his attackers, “I just want to talk to you about what I believe!”

I’m instantly enraged. Maybe it’s the years in San Francisco. Maybe it’s the utter self-righteousness with which the conservatives have waged this horrible war (on the propaganda front as well as the fronts in Iraq). Whatever it is, I’m so incensed, that I begin screaming “Fuck you, you fucking GOP Coward fucks” and “You are George Bush’s little bitches, you coward fuckers!”

Another pedestrian sees what is going on, steps away from his group of three friends as I tell them that the guy carrying the sign just got attacked by these fuckers. One of them instantly flips the bird and yells, “Fuck off!” while his friends decide that I’m obviously too volatile to be standing near and make overtures to the bird flipper that it’s time to bail from crazy boy.

At this moment, I realize that if the college fuckers want a piece of me, I’m alone. All my indignation isn’t going to pay for the ER bills. I walk to my car, needle firmly in the red, my resolve to counter fascist-born hatred googleplexed. I scream one last time, knowing that my meager voice can’t silence a nation hell-bent on blood.

Even in their most self-righteous, the left can’t muster hate like the right. Fight the Youth. The youth with poisoned minds.

God damned conservative fuckers.