GOP Lies, 2008 Version

I watched America’s Next Top Model instead of listening to what I knew would be a dishonest screed. I was right:

Attacks, praise stretch truth at GOP convention – Yahoo! News Via: waxy. Go, Greg, go!

Besides, ANTM has a pre-op trannie who made the house cut; simple math indicates that ANTM is the anti-GOP.

Obama ’08, people.

September 3, 2008 Link

  • LanaWood

    Hi Jon,

    I am really having a hard time with this election.

    While the idea of a black man and a woman both having a real shot at it is intriguing, I feel like there are no good choices, and I would not vote for anyone based solely on their having achieevd a heretofore unreachable milestone.

    I watched last night. Palin is a very compelling speaker. On the bullshit scale I would say it tracked in the mid range.

    To me it seems none of our options are viable choices to move our country forward, take care of our people, and regain our position as a respected player on the world stage.

    Why are you comfortable with Biden? Do you really think Obama can repair our foreign policy?

  • lapenn

    Thank you so much for posting this. I was listening to her speech and getting more and more hot under the collar. She is a compelling speaker, but I felt like almost everything out of her mouth was vitriol or exaggeration. Glad to know that I was mostly right.

    This election is really frustrating to me because I don’t know what should be my course of action if McCain wins. I’m alright with McCain, but I am not alright with Palin as the next in the chain of command.

    As for Obama, I don’t know what the big deal is. Presidents these days don’t need to know everything; they do have to have a strong, supportive cabinet and set of advisors, and they need to be uniting figures rather than divisive ones. Seems to me like Obama would be a strong uniter in terms of working with other people, compromising when necessary, and pushing us to change. I really do think Palin would not be able to accomplish this; her rhetoric is too one-sided, and she seems really inflexible in her opinions.

  • blurb

    @LanaWood, Obama ’08!

    Biden stood up to Bush cronies in 2004 when Ashcroft refused to release the torture memo. Biden supports not torturing and he supports a return to the Geneva Convention.

    I believe foreign policy is why Biden was chosen. I do think that Obama can do more good for the country than the other options. I used to like McCain, but his pandering to the fundamentalist religious nuts in this country has been disastrous. His cynical VP pick only made the pandering worse. The religious nuts have had their day and we’ve seen where their ideas take us. Time for a change. I think Obama is the person to do it.

    @lapenn, fundamentalists are always too inflexible. They’ve had their time in the White House for the past eight years. I agree that Palin is a poor choice and it reflects poorly on McCain. I’m all for women in politics. The GOP has a long way to go to regain their credibility. You can’t shit on single moms for decades and then flip flop and expect people to buy it.

  • Lauren M.

    Amen to ANTM, and Amen to blurb! I believe that on both the Dem and Repub side we have the same thing: one has what the other one needs (Biden has what Obama needs, vice versa, and same goes for McCain and Palin). For the Dems, it works out, and I agree with it. For the Republicans, it seems like it will harm their campaign, b/c McCain doesn’t really bring the crazy, but Palin certainly seems to.

    Obama ’08!!!

    Which reminds me…I need to register out here in New York. : )

  • miniaturerose

    I enjoy your punditry and hope that there will be much more of it over the next 2 months.
    Obama 08!
    Blurbodoocery 2012!!

  • me-meigan

    Hi Jon, I’ve been a lurker on Heather’s blog and recently became a consistent lurker on your blog as well. Thanks for this post and recent political posts, this article link made my morning and lifted my spirits after watching last night’s propaganda. It’s such a breath of fresh air to not only read your “punditry” but also thoughtful, intelligent comments in your comment section. Please, keep up the good work!

    and please please, Obama 08′!

  • Ann

    Thank you for linking to the Yahoo article. I tried to listen to the RNC last night in the car and the sheer number of “God,” “experience,” and “Hockey Mom” references made me turn the radio off. This VP pick stinks like Rove, who was quoted as saying this was a campaign decision and NOT a governing decision. Well, isn’t that comforting? I can’t agree more that the “Maverick” (he’s a 72 year old man– maverick doesn’t come to mind) of old went away when Bush became a President who controlled with fear. Those who stepped out of line were crushed (Powell) and McCain jumped in line with loud exclaimations of his support for Bush, the man who trashed him without a hint of humanity in the primaries. And let’s not even talk about abstinence only education, What I consider to be the most unrealistic and fear based approach to sex education. Or experience. Really?! What about the issues? That’s where I make my decisions, but the majority of the people I know would rather fight about who has more or less experience. Does it matter at this point? Both Obama and Palin are in place. But you all must check out Campbell Brown’s questioning of a McCain guy about the true experience Palin has. It’s hilarious and illustrates why the experience claim is a waste of our time.

  • tracy

    I am only slightly political, but I felt compelled to watch Palin’s speech, if for no other reason than I was born & raised in Alaska & wanted to hear what she had to say. For the record, I am all about Obama. The thing that burned me the most was her comment about if they are elected, parents with special needs kids would have a “friend & advocate” in the white house. I am a strong supporter of special needs kids, and I feel certain she would not have made that comment if her baby had not been born with Down’s Syndrome.

  • Anita

    I don’t even think she was that compelling of a speaker. It’s all relative so if you’re comparing her to McCannot, then sure, she’s a terrific public speaker. And, what up with Giuliani. He’s just SO awful, evil, satanic. Why don’t they trot out his kids to see what they have to say about him?? AND, if we’re not supposed to be dragging her daughter’s situation out, then why does she get to shove her two sons into the spotlight – the one being shipped over on Sept. 11 and the special special child she dared give birth to?

  • Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I am listening now and throwing up a little in my mouth.

    And Tracy, re the special needs comment, my jaw dropped. Absolutely dropped. Like you said, she would have never cared prior to her baby, and has the McCain ticket given one fig about healthcare to date? And will they make it a priority later? NOT.

    I am also astounded at the little snipes she keeps dropping. The ladies at Slate have it right to day, the whole thing is the “Mainstreaming of Mean.” We have Anne Coulter for a VP, folks.

  • jmcdonie

    While I enjoy your leftist propaganda, the GOP will prevail come November. Obama is all smoke and mirrors and is nothing more than a junior Senator from IL with little credentials for being President of the United States. McCain ’08 people!

  • Candice

    Matthew Scully’s speech really fired up the GOP base! The former Bush speechwriter did a good job of throwing in a few exaggerations… as usual. It’s all par for the course. The only thing proved by Sarah Palin last night was that she can read! All those journalism classes paid off I guess.

    Are the debates going to be AWESOME or what? The amount of “briefing” that this woman will need to ready herself is unfathomable. What could they be thinking?

    FYI Sarah Palin: Soccer HOT, Hockey NOT.

  • Anita

    The Debate Schedule, people. Mark your calendars.

  • tracy

    forgot to mention ~ for someone so keen on not being dependent on foreign countries for our oil & gas production, she forgot to mention she just signed legislation for a natural gas pipeline with Canada.

  • cruark

    I changed the channel to watch Top Design, so I feel ya! I thought it would make me too angry — and I was right. I’ve been a community organizer in Oklahoma, so she not only insulted my candidate, but she insulted me (and Field Organizers ON HER OWN CAMPAIGN). Brilliant way to win votes, lady.

  • makfan

    I will vote for Obama. I don’t think he has all the answers, but it seems to me that he will surround himself with good people and listen to their counsel. I don’t know what more to ask. There is no way that one person can be an expert in the economy, foreign policy, military strategy, transportation, energy, etc.

    As a gay man, the Republican party represents repression and discrimination to me, so it is hard for me to support them. McCain used to seem somewhat moderate and I wasn’t so afraid of him in 2000. Now he has gone to the extreme with his position on Iraq/Iran and the choice of Palin. Ugh.

  • leesavee

    So far, the only thing I like about Sarah Palin is how her youngest daughter behaved last night. She was a cutie…but Obama’s youngest stole the show the night her mom spoke at the DNC, too.

    I was appalled at Palin’s condescending tone. And I am tired of the GOP thinking they have the exclusive telephone line to God. A wise man once said, “Although he’s regularly asked to do so, God does not take sides in American politics.” What ever happened to the separation of church and state?

    Oh, Cafe Press is selling bumper stickers that say, “Sarah Palin is a red-headed sasquatch for Jesus.” I bought four last night as I watched the convention.

  • amy

    and you know the bitchy southern girls who were talking shit about ISIS are republicans!


  • minxlj

    We in the UK are watching with baited breath…I’m keeping my fingers, toes and everything crossed that common sense will win and you’ll give your country a change. I agree with @leesavee that ‘God’ does not take sides in politics, and it’s that very issue that most infuriates me about the views being thrown around right now. Note: It’s extremely rare that a British prime minister speaks out about his/her religious views, and so it should remain – the separation of church and state. Although I still live in hope of an actual atheist government here at some point.

    Almost everyone I know here just hung their heads in disbelief that Dubya was voted in AGAIN…let’s hope that neither the US nor the UK makes mistakes in upcoming elections. We’re all watching.

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