Got a Whole Lotta Love (earrrrrrrrr)

There is a new skin up on 3hive. The photo of a train station wall is from Charles Kamm, I believe. Charles makes the photos and the rock and roll. However, I’m almost more proud of the Navotron than anything else. 95% of the Navotron is generated by Movable Type. Sweet.

I’ve been telling Heather all night to WITNESS THE GLORY OF THE NAVOTRON. She’s very into watching Revelations, it being hyped about fifty ways to, well, Jesus, until our skulls creaked and we did bow down to NBC from the sheer weight of the choral music and the motion graphics. So I missed it with the glory. The Navotron can’t hold a candle to motion graphics.

And finally, there is the mention of Pete Townsend on dooce. This brings a very large smile to my face, as I hold Pete Townsend as one of the greatest songwriters in the history of the Rock and the Roll.

Question: Did Roger Daltrey’s naked chest beget Robert Plant’s or vice versa?