Green Needles

Green Needles

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It was so cold the day after the last big storm that these needles were still frozen. Bastard snow!

Taken in macro mode on the 70-200mm f4 (non-image stabilzed; didn’t want to throw down for a lens we weren’t going to use that much, but it’s looking like the 2.8 IS will eventually join the ranks of the coveted).

  • shauna

    Quite nice. I like the contrast of the vivid color with the snow.

    Every time I see your photos it makes me want a D40X more and more.

  • Laura

    Lovely shot! Almost makes you like the snow, doesn’t it? Almost…

  • http://www.Flickr.Com/allygalore Ally

    Brrr…nice, frosty shot.

    We’re supposed to get another 25-30 cm overnight here, East of Toronto. Makes me want to cry.

  • Ritish

    @shauna – I think he shoots with a Canon. And if your going Nikon get a D40 and spend the savings on a nice lens. Check out

  • shauna

    @Ritish – I know. I am just a Nikon fan (I like the menus better). Also, my husband has a D40X with all of the nice lenses, filters, etc. So I would just get the standard and borrow his lenses.

  • cathleen

    evidence of global warming…i’m just saying.

  • Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I love how minty the snow looks.