Happy Birthday Frog Princess!

Happy Birthday Frog Princess!

Leta, Happy First Birthday! You are wonderful froggy goodness in our family. Your smiles and talking and laughing helped us through all the hard stuff. Yes, there is still hard stuff, but your sweetness and warmth helped get through the sleepless nights and tears. Your mother and I love you very much. Chuck loves you, too. We are so glad you are in our family.

It has been a scary, wonderful, emotional and brilliant year. I did not know that I was capable of the emotions I have felt this year. I did not know that parenthood would be so hard and so amazing. Thank you Leta for being here.

There was a time in my life when I never thought I would have children. I can’t imagine not having you in my life, little frog. From the moment I first saw you, I felt right. You have brought such joy and wonder to me. You’re so very smart and so very cute. The boys (or girls) won’t have a chance.

As you have grown this year you are looking less and less like me and more and more like your mother. This is a good thing, as your mother is very beautiful. During the phase where you looked like me, you also reminded a lot of your aunts, uncles and cousins of my father, who passed away long before you were born. You will undoubtedly go through more changing as you grow, but let’s just say that my feelings won’t be hurt one bit if you end up looking more like your mother.



P.S. Leta, if you did a search for this and found it, I know it might sound schmaltzy and corny, but the feelings are very real and very deep. You bring a smile to my face every day. Watching you grow this year as been the most wonderful experience. And when you have your children, your mother and I will be there the first little while to help you. We promise. You know that your mother is the real writer in the family, so you should read what she has written, as it will be funnier and have more cute pictures.