Harp & Finial

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Harp & Finial

This is a lampshade finial. I love what spherical glass does with refraction and the almost insect-like image created in the positive and negative space.

I’m going to keep pushing myself with photography. I’m wanting to start to shoot other things than that which is right in front of me. It’s hard to focus on this part of photography for me. It’s hard to get out from behind the computer and go shoot. Particularly in these waning months of winter. However, some of my favorite shots from years past were taken in late February and early March. So, memo to self: GET OFF THE BUTT AREA.

Daily affirmation: It can be delicious to discover the parts of the story we don’t know.

(These are kind of trite, I know, but I’ll be damned if the act of writing them doesn’t help me stay positive.)