Hazmat called to IRS facility in Utah

Holy shit:

100301-irs.png – BREAKING NEWS: Hazmat called to IRS facility in Farr West

And of course, the comments are pure gold. If ignorance and extremism can be considered gold.

THIS IS THE REASON I WRITE ABOUT CONSERVATIVES SO MUCH. The invective from the conservative punditry, including Glenn Beck, is dangerous.

  • Joanne

    I hope the most powerful political and social organization in Utah, the LDS church, does the right thing here and denounces this act and those people who incite similar acts. And then I hope they encourage its members to do the same. This disgusts me.

  • steve-o


    I hope your not so ignorant to think that every single conservative out there wants to send suspicious powder to the IRS and “bring down the system”. I’m not so ignorant to think that every one who is liberal wants to create a socialist state and bring down “bring down the system”.

    While the people who did these stupid things may listen to conservative talk radio, not all people who listen to them do stupid crap like that.

    • blurb

      I’m not so ignorant. But moderates need to stand up to these fools.


    Please tell me you heard Glenn Beck’s latest – encouraging people to leave their church if it practices “social justice”, and equating social justice to communism. It would be funny if it wasn’t so frightening.

    • blurb

      I heard. Since Beck is Mormon, he might need to read up on his own church’s welfare program. Also something Mormons practice called: the law of consecration.