Health Update: Plumbing The Plumbing

Since my last health update, there have been some developments and I’ve noted a few interactions.

First, I finished the Augmentin/amoxicillin prescription. I think there was a portion of upset stomach from these combined with the indomethicin (which I have stopped taking as well).

Second, I do feel overall better, but still have tight chest pains from time to time. My mid-abdomen (intestinal area) feels aquiver from time to time as well.

Third, fiber, fiber, fiber (I think y’all know why).

Fourth, when I still thought that asthma might be indicated, my main doctor gave me a prescription for a Ventonlin inhaler, and I’ve used that off and on. However, last Wednesday, I took a couple of puffs and the pain that drove me to visit the ER was back and was severe for several hours. After some research, I discovered that Strattera and albuterol are noted to have a negative interaction (link is a PDF, Section 7.4 in the linked document is where the interaction is noted).

Fifth, I’m starting to whittle down the possibilities. I’m going to schedule another doctor visit and discuss these and push for tests:

  • stress/anxiety
  • ulcer (esphogus, elsewhere)
  • gall bladder related something; gall stones, etc. etc.

Sixth, I’m journaling my days on a hyper intense level to try to correlate anything or see if it helps the doctors. I’m hoping the Strattera helps with some of the anxiety, if that is what is going on.

Seventh, while I loved Adderall, I wanted to go off of it to see if it was causing any of this or exacerbating the pain and so I’ve been transitioning to Strattera for ADD/ADHD. Heather tried this in 2004 as part of her post-partum regimen and it was horrible for her, so she was visibly upset when I said I was going to try it. I’ve been taking it at night, but I think I’m going to start taking it with breakfast. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Eight: Not sure the Omaprazole is helpful. Today is the first full day where I’m going to try to stay away from any other antacids. I made need a higher or different dose to be efficient.

The comments on my first post have been very supportive and helpful. Thanks for taking the time to share.