Healthcare Links: McAllen, TX

Since we’re talking healthcare I thought I’d share a few more links from around the web today. Jason over at posted an update to a previous post linking to articles on issues around healthcare costs in the U.S. healthcare system. The first linked article is from the New Yorker and profiles McAllen, Texas, the most expensive city for healthcare in the U.S. The primary point to the New Yorker article is the view that McAllen’s expensive healthcare is due to “overutilization”, the practice of over-testing, over-treating and defensive medicine. One of the critques of the New Yorker piece is that it didn’t address the poverty and unhealthy populace. The author of the original responds here. It’s all really good stuff and should help those who have commented on blurbomatâ„¢ the past few days in our conversation on healthcare reform.

The updates also include a link to this 2008 video of Dr. Peter Orszag’s lecture to the Illinois College of Business. Dr. Orszag is the Director of the Office of Management and Budget for the White House.

NPR’s Talk of the Nation’s Science Friday talked about healthcare reform and cost control last Friday, mentioning McAllen among other things. Listen here.

It’s clear that the solutions ahead will involve every area of the existing healthcare environment. Cost cuts, salary, tort reform, tuition help (including a living expense grant/help), patient education and more. With all of the powerful lobbies involved, it’s going to take a vocal populace to move forward.