Help Wanted

I’ve tried writing different versions of this post over and over again. In my head, sitting in front of a computer and walking around the house talking to myself, possibly to the detriment of my relationship with Heather. It freaks her out when I talk to myself, because my lips move, but I don’t say anything. Or I mumble. Frankly, it freaks me out when I realize I’m doing it and I typically do it during periods of stress.

This (new parenthood, watching helplessly as Heather has battled various post partum diseases) has been the longest period of stress in my life. My work life hasn’t helped in the least. DISCLAIMER: this site and the opinions expressed herein are not associated with my employer in any way, nor do they represent the opinion of my employer. The opinions herein are solely mine and those of the persons commenting.

After a lot of thought and having to take Family Leave to help Heather through this rough time, I have determined a course of action. What I need to do is quit the job I have after finding a job where I can work flexible hours from home. Preferably, this job would have insurance benefits. I realize those jobs are hard to find, and so, dear readers, I’m asking for assistance. Do any of you know of any open positions or have need of a brilliant mind to help your business? I have a penchant for creative-based businesses or businesses that are open to taking creative approaches to solving problems and not just marketing problems, either.

My background is diverse. I am an art director who can write copy, but prefers to stick to headlines or concepts. As such, I have managed projects on many levels, and I’m not afraid of that end of things. I have print and web experience. I have ecommerce consulting (architecture, purchase process analysis and execution) experience. I can code CSS, (X)HTML and a smidge of ActionScript. I have content management experience. While being hit hard from the dot com explosion, I still believe in the power of the internet to change lives. I am enjoyable to work with and work my ass off. Like most humans, I do better in environments where my opinion is valued; where I have a say in things and at least get to be heard. I hate doing mindless production for longer than a few days at a stretch, but will do it when necessary and if needed. Often, this end of things takes away from doing what I love. My skills are geared to an analysis of a problem, suggesting a few methods to solving it and then using a variety of approaches to execute the final solution. I favor using a persona-based approach to interactive design (and building a brand) and would hope that wherever I go next appreciates a strategic (as opposed to tactical) approach to helping people have good experiences. I would hope that this thinking would be prevalent whether it involves contact with a marketing piece or a website or creating a wholly new experience that involves brilliant thinking and even more brilliant execution.

I am not a Flash whiz. I can churn shit out, but honestly, that’s not what I enjoy. I enjoy taking the time to think things through and then build a successful experience. I’m not like Prince, preferring to work solo. I’m like George Martin with the Beatles preferring to work collaboratively. I will fight for what I feel the right course of action is or the right creative choice is. I recognize my shortcomings and know people who do things better than I do and will recruit them when necessary.

I think Heather and Leta deserve a happier me who can give them the support they need. Can you help me?

Thank you in advance.