Here she is…

Here she is…

Just like her big sister

Marlo Iris Armstrong
7lbs 15oz
21 inches
born 1:53am, 6/14/09

Named after a husky voiced actress/author and my favorite aunt. We’ve gone the rounds on naming this kid, but when Heather suggested both these names, I knew pretty quickly that the other options weren’t as good. Sure, I tried, but this little one is definitely gentle and sweet so far.

Yesterday in the hospital we had a lot of visitors, and it reaffirmed our desire to live near our immediate families. My youngest sister grabbed our camera and started taking pictures of everybody. She got some great shots, but my favorite is this one where Leta is meeting her sister for the first time:

Meeting her little sister

And now for the delirium brought on by lack of sleep, adrenaline and absolute beauty.