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Detail of a Plymouth Fury badge. I’d date this in the 1969-73 era, if I was forced. I believe that Mike Brady drove a Fury on The Brady Bunch (Booom.), featuring the green of the early 1970s that looked like it came from mushy peas. Or split pea soup. Or pea anything. Awful:

Even with the awfulness of most of General Motors Chrysler’s vehicles of that era, the Fury design from it’s inception until 1973 is a badass. I’ve shared a couple of other shots of this car[1. http://blurbomat.com/wordpress/2011/05/19/fury/], [2. http://blurbomat.com/wordpress/2011/06/20/fury-2/]. The 1972 with hidden headlamps is the best looking grill, in my opinion:

Some awesome Fury around the internet:
1, 2, 3 (sweet brochure cover)

1972 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe


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