How to Survive Super Bowl Ad Web Traffic

How to Survive Super Bowl Ad Web Traffic

This is from my buddy, Jon Deal, who works for a hot shit design / ad / marketing / app development / awesome firm in Salt Lake City called StruckAxiom. They’ve done some great work in years past and this year won AdAge Small Agency of the Year – Southwest. In December of 2011, they became the digital agency of record for Jack in the Box and worked on the Marry Bacon site, including keeping it live when ads for it ran during the Super Bowl. This post from Mr. Deal is gold for anybody looking to keep a site live during a crushing traffic spike:

Step 0: Hire astonishingly good designers and devs to build it.

Step 1: Keep it simple. Like, really simple. The site we built is essentially a single static semantic HTML file. Nothing is dynamically generated. It never hits a database. All the fancy-pants div-moving and opening is done through javascript wizardry.

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Nice. Love the CDN stuff. Love the notes on load balancing and mostly love the sweet nerd ASCII Art love in the HTML source code. Nice. Proud of the locals.