I Burn For You

Taken from my window. I am lucky. I know. It can be a juggling act to get these shots when I have the girls, as Marlo’s imagination is starting to kick in and she’s upping the boundary pushing. So just as I set up, Marlo will need something. Which isn’t a problem. Just saying that I got very lucky with this one. Everybody down, camera set up, click click. Tweak settings, click click. “Dad.”

Gah. Try not to freak out at being startled.

* * *

Daily affirmation: Don’t give up on your thing. Find a way.

  • Malita

    oh my wow

  • Lora Dow


  • Kathy Schipper Mollman

    what a view you have – love the magenta. We bought a small piece of property in Vermont and then I realized I can’t live there – mountain blocks sunsets. No bueno!

  • silentgoddess

    Love your work. And this one is, so far, my favorite. Keep ’em coming.

  • Lee

    I love that song! (If it’s the John Farnham song) And the pic is awesome.

  • Amanda Brumfield

    One of my favorite Sting songs. This picture is insane.

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