I want that object you are pointing at me

Taken with an LG-VX6000.

  • e

    that picture makes me want to just hug and squeeze her – she is just too adorable! :-)

  • Sheri

    Unbelievable how BEAUTIFULl Leta is….*and*…..

    Dear god, she has ADULT-SIZED HANDS…whoa…Jon, she’s going to be 8 ft. tall!!

  • Amanda B.

    How did she handle not receiving said object?

  • K Dawg

    I hope you gave it to her mister!! She who must be obeyed would have become quite upset if you did not.

  • kema

    She is just adorable and seems growing up so fast. Go Leta, go!

  • Irma

    Is this taken the second before she screams because she did not receive said object? 😉

    She’s adorable! I love both your blurbs, and I belong in the camp that think has become MUCH MORE INTERESTING since Leta was born. 😀 Because I too am a mother. Keep it up!

  • Beth

    OH my GOD! So cute! I can’t believe she’s almost a year old.

  • E.

    Awww! Look at mini-you. Adorable, as usual.

  • cassie-b

    What a cute child. I’d pass over anything I had in my hands to her.

  • sweetney

    where is…the monkey? heather [sniff] said that’s where sock monkey [sniff] lives…

    my god, what have you people done with him??!?!!?

  • blurber

    The sock monkey is fine. At the time of this shot, he was, in fact, living in warmth in the house (away from Chuck and enjoying hot chocolate with Bailey’s). That’s why Leta wanted the phone.

  • Cristin

    Hot chocolate with Bailey’s is THE BEST winter evening drink. All other seasons, Bailey’s on the rocks works well…

  • a mom

    aren’t babies supposed to face the back til they’re 1?

  • dj blurb

    Based on Leta’s weight and height (she’s much taller than the average 1 year old) and the manufacturer’s recommendations, Leta can face forward. Please note that Leta is sitting in the back seat away from any air bags. Also, our vehicle has the LATCH system. Leta is buckled in tighter than I (or you, I’m guessing) ever was (were).

    I could write more, but Heather is sighing because we have to watch the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search. I’m not complaining.

  • Jill Smith

    Her fingers just look so looooooong in that photo.

    I am jealous.

  • sarcastic journalist

    we have a whole slew of those types of pictures! Give Leta a hug, she’s so cute!

  • Em

    She looks like she will get it with her sheer will to HAVE IT.

  • Heidi

    She looks like she’s using all her Jedi mind power on you to get that phone, Jon. :-)

  • Tori

    Holy Hands Batman!
    She is not your average sized bebe! Tres cute, good genes you two!

  • moose

    i love how one hand is up and one hand is down.

  • beck

    I cannot get over the adorableness of your daughter. OH. MY. GOSH.

  • sweetney

    whew, thank god the monkey is alright. having recently seen “28 Days Later”, i now know all too well the potential horrors out there awaiting our simian friends.

    horrors beyond having a baby gnaw on your appendages, that is.

  • Annejelynn

    Leta has gotta be the cutest thing! love the pursed lips and her fully, outstretched arms with fingies splayed!

  • Car Seat Nazi

    You may hate me.

    Cute pic nonetheless.

  • dj blurb

    Car Seat Nazi:


  • Camille

    I’ve browsed your wife’s and your blogs occasionally for awhile now, never commented though, maybe once on your wife’s.

    I’d just like to say that, as a parent, I have found that a crapload of your energy is spent defending the child-rearing decisions you make. It is probably worse when you put yourselves out there like you guys have.

    When my husband & I decided to keep our daughter out of Kindergarten due to illness I got so sick of defending our decision to everyone and our dog that I started making shit up. It got to be kind of fun after awhile.

    Most of the time I end up just smiling and nodding even though I’d like to facestab the person giving unsolicited advice. I know in my mind that they probably have the best intentions but sometimes…

    That’s a cute picture and enjoy my comment that is probably totally unhelpful. 😉

  • Camille

    Btw, the English language is new to me. I mean, I’ve only been speaking it for 26 years now. 😉 Can I just blame my typos on lack of sleep from a teething toddler?

  • Jeanette

    God bless cell phone cameras. How many moments like this were missed 20 years ago because there was no camera handy. Thank you for sharing, Jon. I think the world of you and Heather. :)

  • kalisah

    umm, still waiting on pictures of adorable baby WAVING

  • bunny

    When I was Leta’s age, I sat in Mom’s lap. How did we all ever survive….heck, I am old enough to remember when seat belts weren’t required for ANYBODY.

    (I think you and Dooce are perfectly capable of know ing how to wrap yer youngun in cotton and styrofoam peanuts till she turns thirty.)

  • MishMish

    LOL – when I was a baby I used to ride up on the back dash so I could look up a the sky out of the back window of my mother’s LTD! Imagine what would have been said about her today!

  • Karen

    Comments like this:

    dj blurb says:

    Car Seat Nazi:


    Just make me love your family more and more. Fuck what everyone else says, you seem to be awesome parents and to top it off you seem to have an awesome relationship – and you have a fucking sense of humor about everything to top it off. My lord I wish yall would have raised me, maybe I wouldn’t have had to go to the thereapist today.

  • jessca

    Jon: Thank you for your website and your great pics of lovely Leta.

    Seat Nazi: Dude, that backwards-facing 3-year-old is going to have ISSUES. I’ve never seen a kid that age riding backwards. That’s inhumane. They can’t expect him to stare at the car seat on every trip. And think of the humiliation he endures when he brings friends home from preschool. They all fight for shotgun and sit normally in the car, and he’s in his baby seat facing backwards. Yeesh. He’s also going to have a permanent kink in his neck from constantly craning around to see out the freaking window, for god’s sake.