I’m not the only one

Tonight as we frantically finished packing and got all the nerd shit together for the trip, Heather had a panic. She COULDN’T FIND HER WATCH. These kinds of panics are usually reserved for me involving keys, sunglasses or a stray wallet fourteen seconds before we need to leave the house. They usually delay departure by around 38 seconds.

After pausing everything and turning what was left of the house upside down we decided to use devices we wouldn’t normally use for alarm purposes:

1 iPod
2 Cell phones
1 Watch (Jon’s)

After verifying that all the devices would indeed sound at 4 a.m. so we wouldn’t miss our plane, we decided to unwind. Heather asked me to fix the bed, which entails untangling the sheets from the flurry of legwork that happens around midnight when the sheets cause the room temperature to get too warm for Heather. In the process of fixing the sheets, guess what was discovered?


We will make the plane now.

If I don’t respond to email or comments don’t get approved, don’t panic. I’m just away from the internet. I don’t know how much I’ll post (we aren’t required to post for the trip), it will likely depend on how tired I am and if we have access. I’m closing comments on this post, but hopefully those in Amsterdam will have open comments. Must sleep.