Interview: Obama & Biden on 60 Minutes

I still can’t believe the amount of support people are giving to the GOP ticket. Obviously, reality is something that many people are having a difficult time with. I know that there are those out there who would say the same thing about me. Let’s forget ourselves and our individual views for a moment.

McCain made a huge error in picking who he did to run with him. PERIOD. Gimmicky, pandering and ill-equipped to assume any leadership role, particularly at this time in our history. Mr. Obama has illustrated a great deal of common sense and leadership in his solid choice of a running mate; somebody who is drastically different than what the GOP is offering and who can actually assume the role of President.

It’s time for a change. We can make a difference. If you “like” the GOP ticket, that’s great. The current GOP candidates exhibit the very things the GOP faithful have whined about (rather effectively) in regards to Democratic candidates.