Interview: Obama & Biden on 60 Minutes

I still can’t believe the amount of support people are giving to the GOP ticket. Obviously, reality is something that many people are having a difficult time with. I know that there are those out there who would say the same thing about me. Let’s forget ourselves and our individual views for a moment.

McCain made a huge error in picking who he did to run with him. PERIOD. Gimmicky, pandering and ill-equipped to assume any leadership role, particularly at this time in our history. Mr. Obama has illustrated a great deal of common sense and leadership in his solid choice of a running mate; somebody who is drastically different than what the GOP is offering and who can actually assume the role of President.

It’s time for a change. We can make a difference. If you “like” the GOP ticket, that’s great. The current GOP candidates exhibit the very things the GOP faithful have whined about (rather effectively) in regards to Democratic candidates.

  • poguemahone

    “The current GOP candidates exhibit the very things the GOP faithful have whined about (rather effectively) in regards to Democratic candidates”

    That’s the Goebbel’s method of propaganda, to accuse your opponent of the very behavior you are guilty of. It’s been working for a long time. What is sad is that people buy it, hook line and sinker.

  • faydean

    Well, Sarah Palin might be alot of things in your book Jon, but I’m hoping she doesn’t ever do something this idiotic…

    I could go on and on…but there are too many examples of this over his DECADES of political experience. You’d think during all this time he’d learn better public speaking skills…or sense. Biden is not the golden boy you think he is, honestly.

  • blurb

    @faydean, I wasn’t saying that Biden is a “golden boy”. Just that he’s far more qualified and a better VP candidate. And McCain showed massive failure as a leader by choosing somebody as horrible as Palin.

    The question I ask to any woman who supports Palin is this: Can you afford your own rape kit? Should you be forced to pay for it?

    Faydean, why do you like Palin?

  • sean415

    @faydean: Biden’s gaffes are nothing new—and in all actuality, they make me like him a little bit more because it proves he’s genuine and not measuring every word that he’s says–unlike Palin, who couldn’t give anything but a preprogrammed response in her interview with Charlie Gibson. With Biden, even though he doesn’t always what he means on the most eloquent way, you can normally tell that what he means in actuality is genuine, harmless and not what it’s twisted to imply by his opponents.

    More importantly, he’s smart, very experienced and his credentials are tangible. Palin’s got foreign policy experience because Alaska’s near Russia (Siberia to be exact)? She’s an energy expert because Alaska provides (a VERY SMALL AMOUNT) of domestic oil and natural gas? She’s in touch with women, even though she doesn’t support their rights with respect to choice?

    Forgive me if I’m not impressed.

    In the end, though, this isn’t about her or Biden. It’s about McCain running on a platform of “Country First” and how picking her demonstrates that he really means “Politics First.” If this is an indication of the choices he would make as president, then he may very well prove to be even more disastrous than Bush.

  • Peg

    Have you seen this?


  • MarinkaNYC

    I thought that there were quite a few Bush voters who became disenchanted with him in the last few years. Something about this war thing not working out too well and the economy being crap and, you know, him being a moron and all. And yet, wave a shiny Palin in front of them and they all fall in line. She’s folksy! She’s a mom! She proves that you can be a moron and be nominated for public office! What’s not to love?

    McCain, by choosing Palin, proved not only that he doesn’t have the good judgment, but that he is totally indebted to the fundamentalists. Seriously, Palin out-Bushes Bush in the anti-intellectual sense. I have a feeling that seven years from now we’ll be saying, “you know, compared to Palin, Bush wasn’t so bad.”

  • marimarimari

    I am at a loss to explain how anyone could vote for McPalin. If I hear her spout ‘transparency’ one more time, as she and the ‘first dude’ refuse to openly comply with the troopergate investigation in Alaska, I’m going to hurl. What a load of crap! I can’t believe how people believe lies if they are repeated over and over. Come on, America- quit taking your prozac and get pissed! They are hijacking our country!

    The only way I’m going to make it through the next 6 weeks is to drink heavily.

  • jaggy

    my obama / biden sign lasted a total of 2 1/2 hrs in my yard before it had a big black O with X sprayed painted over it.. I live in FL… there was no other signs in miles from mine.. the bumperstickers are laying on the counter. what would happen if I put one on my Saab? Damn it !!!!

  • Alan T.

    Obama should win this election easily but I’m afraid that when some people get in the voting booth they’ll find that they can’t vote for an African-American. That may sound terrible, and it is, but I’ve already heard it subconsciously come from people I thought were above that. A guy I work with said “I’m afraid he would give it all away”, when I pressed him to elaborate he couldn’t. I hope that enough people, who aren’t prejudice and can think rationally, will vote this year.

  • ikarl67

    I am a GOPer who is having a hard time with McCain, I hav looked for reasons to vote for the Obama / Biden ticket and I can’t find enough for me to pull that lever. But , it is NOT because he is African American , nor is it because I am a Christain fundamentalist ( I am not. at all… not even a little bit.)
    This makes me an undecided voter and in the past I have always fucking hated undecided voters.
    Not yet having a horse in this race, I have found myself defending both candidates. Some ( not many and certainly not all) on the right make crazy, illegitimate claims claims about Obama being a Muslim, a proponent of infantcide, or a Marxist. I attempt to correct these errors, by advising that there are plenty of legitimate reasons not to vote for Obama.
    My leftie friends are somewhat different. Many of the things that they hate about W. are noticeably absent in McCain, yet they continue to tie the two together.
    Palin and Biden both suck but in my opinion McCain made the better choice. For those who cite her lack of foreign policy experience, tell me what experience did Bill Clinton have? If you recall, he focused solely on the economy, but he did tout his command of the Arkansas National Guard.
    In my opinion Biden is a poor choice because he dramatically detracts from Obama’s core message. Sean415 , Why do you defend Biden’s gaffes as making him genuine? When W trips over his words, the left label him a bumbling idiot.
    For those Obama supporters , have you looked for anything critical of your candidate? Does Obama’s FannieMae associations cause concern? What about his speech on immigration? His threats of legal actions against his critics?
    Jon, Heather mentioned your pouring over political blogs. What political blogs do people read here? Do you read opposing points of view?

  • ikarl67

    Also , implications that those who don’t vote for Obama are racists really piss me off. Actually, those implications scare the hell out of me.
    Why am I a racist if I don’t support a candidate that happens to be African American?

  • blurb

    @ikarl67, I liked McCain until 2004-2006 when he began his pandering to the fundamentalist Christians. His slide towards failed Bush policies and his stance on Iraq have soured me. Also, if you really want to compare Palin to Clinton here are two factoids; 1) Clinton was a Rhodes scholar and studied abroad, graduating from a top tier university; 2) Clinton was a governor for 12 years. Clinton made some missteps, to be sure, but as a leader, the notion of Palin in the seat, given her terrible, worse-than-Bush public persona and lack of vision for the country, is something that has spurred me to be extra vocal about my support for Obama/Biden this election season.

    Political blogs I read:

  • sherri

    Here are some other sites you might like, and they are both good non partisan sites that gives true acounts on what both sides have said.


    Watch this youtube video. The Boss; Bruce Springsteen endorses Obama.

    http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=DLh_tcg46bE&feature=related

  • sherri


  • sherri

    sorry I don’t think my bruce springsteen endorses Obama link was right or worked. i dont know. Hope this one works, if not just go to youtube type in, bruce springsteen endorses Obama, and it will come up.

  • Alan T.

    @ikarl67 I never claimed that people that vote for McCain are racist. My point was that in an election this close racism, whether overt or not, could decide it.

  • habitual

    People that have voted for the Republican ticket need to realize that the party is as broken as Wall Street. What happened to “small government, low taxes”???? That is LONG GONE. It has been corrupted by corporate greed, privatizing the military and corporate payouts. If you truly call yourself a fiscal conservative (I only mention fiscal cuz I could care less about social conservatives- they are an ignorant, self-righteous bunch that can not be reached), you will recognize that the party is running rampant with corporate socialism. If I am going to have to pay through the nose for socialism, it should better my fellow man, working for a living. Not the corporate CEO making $40million a year.

    WAKE UP!!!!!

    Foreign Relations matter tremendously this election because the entire world is onto the bullshit being thrown about in this country by the federal Government. If we elect someone that has ZERO respect around the world, guess what? No one will respect us as U.S. citizens either and we will stand all alone in the world. The nation that stands alone will fall. And since the entire world is now tied together financially and otherwise – it fucking matters people. The xenophobia has to stop or the economy will stop.

    Warren Buffet said it best: He made $42 million last year and paid 17% taxes thanks to Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy. His secretary made $60,000 and paid 30% taxes. He said that is unconscionable. Again, WAKE UP if you are reading this and think you are either 1) wealthy or 2) benefited in anyway from those tax cuts – YA DIDN’T! You don’t make $2 million a year! That’s the cut off pals, so snap out of it. Warren Buffet endorses Obama.

    I’m an independent voter, not an Obama sycophant. But I will be volunteering in the nearest swing state to help people realize the McPhalin ticket means the downfall of this economy, world respect and any chance for us to recover as a nation after 8 years of rampant corruption. Take a look at the Congo or Sierra Leone for what a future of corruption and totalitarian fascism looks like. Since when in THIS COUNTRY, the fucking United States can someone not assert their first amendment right or speak their mind without retribution? It’s shocking that anyone lives anywhere that would be subjected to retribution for a simple yard sign or bumper sticker. What’s next? A Tutsi/Hutu vioilent retaliation? Is it coming to that in a state like Florida where everyone can carry guns? People tattling on neighbors and reporting them for yard signs? While I think moderation works best, a balance of powers, I would take a socialist Swedish lifestyle any day over a corrupted, fascist society that has been put into motion by Rove/Cheney/Bush.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! Every vote counts!

  • Darlin


    Sounds like sour grapes to me. Why is it okay to forgive Biden and say not everything you see about NObama is true, like the fact that he doesn’t know how many states we have?

    But, Sarah, who has more experience than NObama gets ripped part when she hasn’t pulled anything like Biden?

    It’s okay Jon…you can change your mind and vote the right way!! REPUBLICAN!

  • rac945

    These days when anyone wants to blast the Republican party they take aim at “the rich” and “big business”. I am confident that the majority of you who regularly read this blog are officially “the rich”. I am a small business owner, and I am part of “big business”. These definitions are promulgated by the Democratic party. Please take an objective step back, put on your thinking cap and realize this. We will foot the bill for policies that any administration create.

    I am not a Bush supporter. I take exception with most of what he has done post-911. My biggest problem with his administration was passage of the “Patriot” act, and creation of the “Department of Homeland Security”. Additionally, it was the complete lack of a domestic policy. However, one president is not the entire party.

    That being said, I still believe that the Democratic party is not the hope of this nation. We cannot hope to continue to thrive as a nation by giving and giving. Yes, we must help those who are in need. However, help means a hand up, not eternal relief. This nation was built by PRODUCERS. We must continue to produce products that the world wants in order to thrive. All I have seen from the Democratic party is a lot of talk about “change” without any definition of what will be changed.

    Do I believe that Senator McCain is the answer? I can’t honestly say I do. However, I firmly believe that Senator Obama is NOT the answer. I do not trust someone who is part white, part black; but only wants to claim his black side. There is trouble with Obama, and as one of the “rich” I can’t personally afford to bail out he or his supporters any longer. I have a family to support, and employees to keep working.

    The heart of a nation is it’s people. We are the answer. We must maintain this nation as a producer, rather than a consumer. We must also return to the values that the nation has held since its conception. Nothing else will do.

    Based on past experience, I am confident that this comment will not be posted. That’s OK. I have put it out there, someone will read it. I have found the Democrats of today to be mostly without the capacity for either deep thought or courage. Do as you will.

  • elevendreams



  • aejames

    To rac945: so, we should give and give to large corporations who now own a whole lot of worthless paper? 700 billion dollars is ALOT of money to give away to Wall St. firms that may not necessarily need a bail out (Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, one could argue AIG). I don’t think many investment firm CEO’s really need a ‘hand up’. And now me and my children (and you and your children) will get stuck with that bill for many years to come (and I’ll point out that McCain’s ‘former’ economic advisor, Phil Gramm, was behind the deregulation legislation that allowed all this to come to pass…).

    And how can you say that Obama has only embraced his ‘black side’? He’s talked at length about being raised by his white grandparents, of his white mother, and his struggle in growing up biracial and trying to carve out an identity for himself that embraced BOTH his ‘sides’. It may seem that he is ‘preoccupied’ with his black ‘side’, but that may be because he grew up without much contact with his black father, who was absent most of his formative years.

  • Kari-Mel

    Just say no to MCCAIN / PAIN!!!!!!!!

    (L left out with great intention!)

  • rac945

    Response to aejames:

    Did I say anything about supporting the bail out of corporations who have not run their businesses correctly? I did not. To state that you generally support a party does not imply agreement with all aspects of that parties platform.

    In fact, I do NOT agree with any bail out of corporations. If I run my business poorly, deliver an inferior product, and do not service my clients I deserve to not be in business. You will not find many businessmen who PRODUCE something to be in agreement with any bail out plan. To state it even more plainly, the companies who have gotten themselves in this position should go away, never to be heard from again.

    By the way, do you remember when Phil Gramm was a Democrat. I do. I remember the press conference when he changed parties.

    As to Mr. Obama’s “preoccupation” with his black side: I have never heard him discuss his mother, or the grandparents who raised him. All I ever hear about is his black father. I believe this is to obtain the black vote. That is his right. However, I do not have to buy it.

  • habitual

    To RAC945:
    You are delusional. Your comment is full of confusion most likely the result of your conscience telling you one thing and your environment brainwashing you with another.
    “Yes, we must help those who are in need. However, help means a hand up, not eternal relief.” What are you talking about? THis makes no sense, if you are referring to welfare, WAKE UP. That’s not the issue. The issue now is CORPORATE SOCIALISM, keeping people like Paulson nice and rich with his $600,000,000 worth of Goldman Sachs shares. If you are a small business owner, you are POOR in the greater scheme of things and clearly out of touch with what it means to be wealthy.

    “This nation was built by PRODUCERS. ” WRONG WRONG WRONG, this is the lamest thing you wrote-we used to be a nation of procuders until all the big business shut down mills and factories and shipped all the production jobs overseas. What have only a skeleton crew left here. This is now a nation of consumers. WAKE UP. China is a nation of producers, dumbass. This is a nation of GREED. And the current GOP ticket will keep it that way.

    “All I have seen from the Democratic party is a lot of talk about “change” without any definition of what will be changed”. Really? Cuz last time I checked, McPhalin had hijacked the “change” mantra….I am fairly certain it’s the only thing both tickets agree on. However, only 1 -Obama- can back it up with a plan and facts.

    “I do not trust someone who is part white, part black; but only wants to claim his black side. ” Well…I mean, why don’t you say what you really mean? Don’t be so veiled. Good grief! Also – have you ever noticed in your entire white life that if someone has a drop of black blood SOCIETY [read: Whitey] counts them as black!

    “The heart of a nation is it’s people. We are the answer. We must maintain this nation as a producer, rather than a consumer. We must also return to the values that the nation has held since its conception. Nothing else will do. ” Well, then why don’t you vote to give the power BACK TO THE PEOPLE THAT WORK in this country? Rather than ship jobs over seas, privatize our military and and hide their vast wealth in off shore accounts?

    Your concept of Republican is about 30 years old, WAKE UP!!!!! And do you really think McCain will last 4 years? He has ill health and the chances of a healthy male of age 72 dying in the next 4 years is 1 in 4!!!!!!!!!! Say hello to President Palin my friend. That is the most terrifying part. You would rather let your racist views, antiquated notion of Republican vs. Dems and ignorance of wealth determine the fate of this country. I guarantee, just like I guaranteed the idiots that put Bush in office, that if that is the way they are going to vote, this country will pay through the nose. And look, 8 years later we are looking at DOOMSDAY: massive national debt, a War we will not pay off in the next 2 generations and an entire global economy waiting for our collapse. Bravo!!! *clapping hands* Bra-vo.

  • habitual


    “I have found the Democrats of today to be mostly without the capacity for either deep thought or courage.”

    Show me 1, just 1, Republican that wasn’t educated at the Univeristy of Limbaugh. Yourself included.

  • blurb

    rac945, Obama talks about his parents and grandparents here:

    Phil Gramm was a republican when he sponsored deregulation legislation:

    McCain has made similar claims of being a deregulator.
    (scroll down the page for the links, there are a lot of them)

    But that was awhile ago and he’s probably flip-flopped. Yep:

    “These actions stem from failed regulation, reckless management and a casino culture on Wall Street that has crippled one of the most important companies in America.”

    Failed regulation. That doesn’t exist.

  • habitual

    “As to Mr. Obama’s “preoccupation” with his black side: I have never heard him discuss his mother, or the grandparents who raised him. All I ever hear about is his black father. I believe this is to obtain the black vote. That is his right. However, I do not have to buy it.”


    Obama talks ALL THE TIME about his white mother and grandparents. To a fault! It’s the right-wing news YOU WATCH that discusses his blackness. They like to dwell on it just as a reminder, so that racists stay aware of his “blackness” and not his rather impressive credentials.

    People like you and Darlin (and I feel free to generalize since you generalized prolifically in your comments) would rather vote for a white party-boy who graduated nearly last in his class (and probably only got into the Academy thanks to good old fashioned nepotism) and still hangs on to his POW history partnered with a redneck from a 4th-tier public school with a degree in Journalism, than someone who has worked his ass off at our nation’s highest learning institutions to get ahead and prove his worth due to the color of his skin.

    You claim in your comment that you think you believe in a “nation of workers”, but you really prefer to vote for white-majority nepotism.

  • aejames

    Phil Gramm may have been a Democrat 20+ years ago, but he was a Republican senator when he passed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999, which “served to reduce government regulations in existence since the Great Depression separating banking, insurance and brokerage activities” (from Wikipedia).

  • rac945

    Response to ps from habitual:

    I do not have time right now to respond in detail to your lengthy comment. I will take time to read it, then I will provide a reasoned and direct response you. With respect to your comment about being educated at the “Univeristy(sic) of Limbaugh”. I am educated. I am university educated (bachelors, masters and current PhD candidate). However, it definately was NOT in any way from Rush Limbaugh. Have I listened to him before; yes I have. I do not quote him or respect him. I have not heard his radio program in over 10 years. He is an entertainer, nothing more. He will say anything to keep people listening to him. No, I am definately not “Univeristy(sic) of Limbaugh” material. Sorry to disappoint.

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