iPhone 4: As Cracktastic As the Others?

Dunno if I’m in as big a hurry to get this one. Might sit it out a few months. I think having the iPad alleviates some of my iPhone upgrade desires (although the 720p HD video looks hot):


Apple’s new iPhone on their website

Coverage across the web:




I said the same thing last time Apple updated the iPhone and ended up with a 3GS a few weeks in, so we’ll see. Heather is putting up a fight and I refuse to make a chickens-for-iPhones trade.

You feeling anything special for the new phone?

  • Kristan

    Well, I’m not getting an iPhone until it’s available for Verizon (WEEPS LOUDLY) but I do like this design a lot. There’s something about the symmetry, and the “retro” feel, that really does it for me. If VZW got this, I’d snap it up in a heartbeat. Alas, AT&T seems to have some sort of hold over APPL. :(

    Also, I totally agree that it’s not worth chickens.

  • Caleb Gardner

    The front facing camera and updates to the screen resolution might do it for me. I held out on the 3GS, so I’m also craving the new HD video and iMovie. It’ll be great for capturing real-time videos of the little one.

    I’ve yet to get an iPad though, so we’ll see which one I get first…

  • glass

    I’m actually keen on the new display resolution. The spaces between pixels on the current screen irk me.

    In other news, I think I hold the phone too close to my face.

    PS, chickens are actually kind of fun (and dogs seem to like them well enough, in fact, they’re supposed to defend them once they get to know each other).

    • blurb

      Seriously. NO CHICKENS.

    • blurb

      I’m starting to feel pull for the camera and video. Just starting to feel it. Will try to resist for the time being.

  • meowsk

    I am still enamored with everything my plain old 3G can do. The 4.0 software update will suffice in keeping me entertained for now. That high res screen and 5.0 megapixel camera are tempting though… the iPhone has become my point camera.

    Thought you would be excited for the video calls with all the traveling you guys do? But I suppose Skype works fine for that.

  • Ms. Moon

    I do not have an iPhone. I know. Weep for me.
    But I do have chickens and let me just say this- THEY ARE THE BEST PETS I EVER HAD, PLUS THEY LAY EGGS! I love my chickens. They all have names and personalities and are endlessly amusing.
    The only problem I can see is that your dogs might want to eat them.
    Other than that, DUDE- give it up! Let your wife have some chickens. It’s in our DNA to want them. They will make her happy. And you will get your new phone.

    • blurb


  • Paul In Kirkland

    Still on the fence, but I’m seriously considering paying the higher rate for one that doesn’t extend my contract.

    I hate AT&T.

  • doug

    I had convinced myself that I didn’t ‘need’ it, but the screen and camera improvements have likely changed my mind. Luckily (or not), we get it a month later in Canada 😛 so I’ll have time to absorb the unbiased user reports before pulling the trigger. It will depend on the upgrade price up here, and whether my joke of a carrier (Rogers) gives me any kind of a credit.

  • Britiney

    Deep seeded lust and overwhelming desire. We’ve been hoping Verizon would announce they’re offering the iPhone, and so we’ve waited. In fact, we don’t even have texting on our existing phones. I KNOW!! Today, I say, “Suck it, Verizon.” This will be mine. I will wait no longer.

  • techguy2007

    I never owned an iPhone, just iPods over the years. Since I’m due for an update, I’ll probably be picking up the 16GB version. I figure if I’m going to be locked into a contract for 2 years, I might as well get the latest and greatest version. I also don’t have any iPad desires, so the iPhone just fits me a little better at this point.

    The cool part is that I’m on vacation the week it’s being released, so I’ll have time to kill. I just don’t want to be one of those people in the long lines in front of the Apple Store. :) I’m wondering if the AT&T Store will be better. Who knows.

    • blurb

      AT&T store the next day or two is usually waaaaay better. Or just order online.

  • vegas710

    Drooling. Absolutely drooling. Maybe because I don’t have the iPad and don’t really want it (much). But the front facing camera? The HD video? The resolution?

  • Grover Dill

    I have a 3G and never found the 3GS to be that compelling (I have never really found the speed of the 3G lacking and wasn’t that impressed by the camera on the 3GS) It just felt like more of the same.

    This one feels like a real update to me. I am excited to see the screen in person, and if I feel like this thing has a fighting chance of replacing a Canon PowerShot for taking tourist-y snapshots of reasonable quality, it will be a must buy for me. I’d go 32 GB since those HD videos probably add up pretty quickly.

  • Monkey

    I don’t have an iPhone as of yet. But seeing this makes me glad I’ve waited. (The husband and I are considering switching when our TMobile contract is up this year.)

  • bigonroad

    Reasons for chickens:

    a) They look good on HD video

    b) Ours have managed to cow our collie into submission – one pecked her in the eye once. She is now very well behaved in their vicinity

    c) Free eggs

    d) Saying “NO CHICKENS” just makes you sound like you actually want them, but are just being coy.

    Am I right, or am I right?

    • blurb


  • minxlj


    That sounds like an interesting barter system you’re proposing, Jon. I so want to take a chicken into my local O2 phone shop for comedy value 😀

  • antifuse

    I’m definitely looking forward to getting one. I couldn’t justify getting an iPad, but my 3G is starting to feel a bit old and cranky, so a hardware upgrade is just what the doctor ordered. Multitasking, higher res screen, thinner, 720p video, 5 megapixel camera, flash? YES PLEASE. Not to mention the A4 chip and 802.11n. And A GYROSCOPE! I have no idea what I’ll use it for, but just to say it has one! :)

  • benjaminbyrd

    Seriously chickens were horrible, we had a chicken coop and they stunk, when you would go in to feed them, they would swarm around you and start pecking at your feet. You have to walk over all the chicken poop. HORRIBLE!!!

    • blurb

      Thank you for your connection to reality that seems to be missing from others in my life at this time.

  • Hank

    I have chickens and an iPhone 3G. I am most definitely feeling the pull of the 4G (can you say Happy Father’s Day? I thought you could (OK, it’ll be a late Father’s Day present, but I am a patient man)).

    On the topic of chickens:
    1) If you let them out in the yard they will make a bee-line for your favorite plant (I don’t know how they know which one it is, but they do) and eat it.
    2) If you let them out in the yard they will crap on the door mat.
    3) If you let them out in the yard and leave the door open they will come in the house and crap on the floor.
    4) The can live 5+ years, but they only produce eggs for about 2 years. That’s a lot of time dealing with destructive crap monsters that aren’t laying any eggs.

  • morgenthaler

    I just got a 3GS, but I WILL be getting the iPhone 4 at some point. Just not right away. Maybe in a year or two. The design is as Braun as ever. I love it. Beautiful.

  • morgenthaler

    Oh, and my folks have chickens. The fresh eggs are to die for. Seriously. Sorry Jon, I know you’re gonna hate this, but they are even kinda fun. A chili omelette made from fresh eggs is to die for. I master it, if I may say so myself. Add no dogs! (Edamame video reference)

  • vigorousanonymity

    Yes, I would like to be able to multi-task, if indeed this does (which I think it does). Tired of having Pandora shut off on me to reply to a text.

    And in other news, CHICKENS!

  • Nathan Pralle

    I’m very much looking forward to the multitasking even though it’s not “real” multitasking (dammit, Apple! Everyone else can do it, why not you? ARGH.) and the ability to put apps into folders (tired of side-scrolling for years).

    The rest? Nice. But not necessary really.