Jon Armstrong for It was Sunny One Day Last Week

It Was Sunny One Day Last Week

In between storms and smoggy days, the sun peaked out as I was driving home one afternoon. I pulled over and grabbed this shot. This isn’t the best shot in terms of technique, but I love the light. The ethereal flares look almost like a frame from a movie.

* * *

Affirmation: Don’t get lost.

  • americanrecluse

    Oh, I love this one too! Dang. Your pictures just get me right here (chest thump). This one feels like a secret path to a hidden sinkhole where everyone swims nekkid because you’re all young and foolish enough to think that no one knows how to find this spot but you. (Yes, I’m ignoring the part of your post where you said you pulled onto the side of the road.) That said, it also feels a little Emmanuel Lubezki by way of Terrence Malick, which is pretty fucking awesome.