It’s Been a Long Week

  • Brandon Bohling

    Yeah, I want whatever you guys are on. 😉

  • Candace Kochosky

    Wow. Yeah. It has been a long week.

  • Kath

    Send alcohol. Stat!

  • darcie

    what the hell?

  • Anton

    Your latest picture just showed up through my Google Reader, FINALLY! What an exciting day.

  • ali

    wheee! my 7 month old made me play that 5 times! If only I could figure out how to play it on a loop, I might actually get a load of laundry folded!

  • southerngirl

    You guys are drunk blogging again, aren’t you?

  • Deva

    Wow to the laundry comment.

    Games, games, games.

  • Bex

    This totally made my day.