Jazz Geekery: Must Listen

NPR : Jazz Drummer Paul Motian

Terry Gross interviews the drummer for some of Bill Evans most lauded work. I subscribe to the podcast for Fresh Air and was finally catching up due to break in de-boxing.

Motian was part of one of the best jazz trios ever with Evans and Scott LeFaro. I don’t know a jazz pianist who hasn’t been influenced by Evans. This lineup of the trio was noted for their interplay, and Gross does a great job talking about this with Motian. Some hardcore jazz people derided the music created during this time period as dinner jazz or jazz-lite, but if you are a player, you can’t help but marvel at the way Evans, Motian and LeFaro let the playing do the talking without ego or bombast. Also, great insight about Evans heroin problem and insecurities and sensitivities as an artist. Perhaps Evans had a lot in comment with current emo artists?

Highly Recommended: The Complete Village Vanguard Sessions recorded in 1961. These sessions yielded a crapload of albums, outtakes and will melt your heart with their beauty. Unless you are a goth. Then your heart is already melted and hardened into stone, so there’s no point, really.