Jon Armstrongs


I did a podcast interview with Jon Armstrong (not me). He is the owner of and interviews another Jon Armstrong (also not me) as well. People have often asked me if I’ve written a book or changed careers and started doing magic. I have not.

You can hear the interview on Jon Armstrong’s podcast blog if you’re just joining us:
If You’re Just Joining Us » Blog Archive » The High Ranking Google Jon Armstrongs

The Jon Armstrong who interviewed me is the first result on Google and is a science fiction author (on Amazon) as well as a great podcaster. I wonder how many people with same name spellings would find so many similarities. This was a great idea and I’m hoping others out there will find their online namesakes and see what’s up. This is the kind of thing the internet is perfect for.

It’s more than a little weird to hear three Jon Armstrongs, especially if you are one of them. We all appear to like to talk.

  • Lisa

    “Tired rants”……who writes that stuff?????

  • Jessica T

    This kind of reminds me of a woman I heard speak once — her name was Angela Shelton & she had traveled the country trying to meet all of the other Angela Sheltons out there.

    I think she found out that more than half of them had been victims of abuse, which sent her into a kind of existential crisis? I never watched the documentary than accompanies it, but maybe I will now…

  • Matt Jacobs

    A British comedian named Dave Gorman went and found every Dave Gorman he could and documented the process in book and video. It’s pretty darn funny (as is his other stuff).

  • u??o?

    How also coincidental that all of you spell your name “J-o-n.”

  • Barrett Chase

    I like that I own, and that the Barrett Chase housing development in suburban Atlanta is forced to use

    Maybe someday I’ll move there.

  • Tracy

    I think if I googled myself, I would likely be the only Tracy Gottschlich. My husband often comments on how “lucky” I am to have inheritated such an, um, interesting last name. My favorite part about it? All those consonants flow together really nicely when signing my name.

  • Holly

    I live in a midwestern town that’s not huge, not small. Mid sized, midwestern town. My name is Holly Harris. There is another Holly Harris here in town who also shares my bithday. We are the same age, born on the same day in the same hospital and were given the exact same first, middle and last names. Oddly enough, I do not know her. But I think she has bad credit…

  • david

    Jon Armstrongs are more common than I would have thought. That said, they still don’t come close to the number of David Hayeses on the internet. Stupid generic names.

  • Ashley

    that is pretty cool that you got to interview each other…

    i found another chick with my name on a social networking site and we became friends – she is the canadian, straight version of me.

  • Sara

    Funny — there’s a woman who shares my exact name (maiden) and is an author. I’ve thought about contacting her. I also met a girl with my name who attending my middle school years after me; she was involved in the same activities, and similar interests and even sported my (unfortunate) teenage haircut.

  • la_florecita

    Listening to it now . . .

    If I Google my name, I don’t actually come up for a while, there’s a bunch of other people first. There is a girl in my city with my exact name who goes to the same pharmacy and Blockbuster I do.

    This American Life is doing a show soon on John Smiths and at the end of one of their recent podcasts asked for John Smiths to contact them for the show. It sounds interesting.

  • jon deal

    We who spell our name “Jon” with no “H” should band together and go on tour or something. We’ve been victimized for *far* too long!

    And! Just today I became the owner of The guy who owned it previously and had never developed it *finally* let it lapse.

  • michael

    Population of the state of Washington (where I live):
    Number of people in the white pages with the last name of Crites:

    Population of Wheeling West Virginia:
    Number of people in the Wheeling West Virginia white pages with the last name of Crites:

  • Lesley

    It’s too bad you’re not a magician cuz if you were I’d ask you to make Buttars either disappear or become a humane being.

  • ellen

    Oh that’s funny. Here in Ireland you can tell which county a person is from from their surname. My Husbands name is Rod McDermott and a couple of years ago we were making our yearly visit to his hometown Sligo. In the local pub his aunt pointed out to me that my Husband was talking two men with the exact same name as him. You couldn’t make it up;)

    ellen from ireland

  • Daniel

    The number 1 hit for my name is a chiropractor in Minnesota…

    I have a common sounding name but not a common name.

  • brent

    Cool idea and entertaining to boot. I’ve watched my name/site go from way up high, to down a few and now it’s back up to the top that I’m posting more frequently. I don’t know if I’m very interested in meeting the others with whom I share a name, however. 😛 But I am number 1! 😀

    That’s what you get when you have .com

  • Stu Mark

    This post reminds me of that scene in American Splendor, where Harvey Pekar (as played by Paul Giammati) gives a monologue, talking about his checking the phone book for other Harvey Pekar’s, and wondering what their lives were like. Great stuff. Hope you’re feeling better!

  • lionemom

    When I was married I was Linda DAVIS, and shared my name with a country singer.

    Now that I am back to Linda Noble, there is not much out there. There is a Neurosurgeon and a few others of note, but nothing spectacular. But I am up there in the top ten, at least under NaBloPoMo. :-)