Jon Armstrongs

Jon Armstrongs


I did a podcast interview with Jon Armstrong (not me). He is the owner of and interviews another Jon Armstrong (also not me) as well. People have often asked me if I’ve written a book or changed careers and started doing magic. I have not.

You can hear the interview on Jon Armstrong’s podcast blog if you’re just joining us:
If You’re Just Joining Us » Blog Archive » The High Ranking Google Jon Armstrongs

The Jon Armstrong who interviewed me is the first result on Google and is a science fiction author (on Amazon) as well as a great podcaster. I wonder how many people with same name spellings would find so many similarities. This was a great idea and I’m hoping others out there will find their online namesakes and see what’s up. This is the kind of thing the internet is perfect for.

It’s more than a little weird to hear three Jon Armstrongs, especially if you are one of them. We all appear to like to talk.