Just Outside My Back Door

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Just Outside My Back Door

Was buried in code for a client and looked out the window to see a glorious magic hour after a day of gray and periodic rain. Grabbed the camera, elevator, come on come on, out the garage and onto the street where I stood for 30 minutes and took 300 shots of one of the best sunsets of the year. I’ve got a few more at different times with different clouds, but this one was my favorite.

While I wanted to capture the beauty, I also wanted to make certain I wasn’t just looking at this epic grandeur through technical eyes. I wanted to bathe in the light, feel its warmth and be grateful that I had the luxury of standing still for a time; the luxury of stopping and noticing; the luxury of recognizing the universe gave me a gift at my back door. Thank you, universe.

* * *

Affirmation: You already have everything. Notice it.