Katrina Links

I’ve been getting some emails and comments with helpful links. I figured it might be better to have a shorter post with fewer comments that are link-related only. Please use the comments on this blurb to post links to things that are helpful to survivors and the rescue/recovery/restoration effort. If the site has a short URL, just copy/paste the URL into the comments form and publish. If the URL is super long, use TinyURL. You paste the long URL into the field on TinyURLs website and it spits out a short link you can then copy/paste into the comments field and publish here. There is no need to use HTML, just copy/paste the URL and publish. Don’t bother emailing me asking for permission, just do it.

Thank you. Please don’t put anything in the comments but links. If you want to vent or get out your frustration, use the previous blurbs to do it.

I don’t think my reach is such that I can make that big a difference, which is why I haven’t done this already.

Here are a few helpful links to get it started:
KatrinaPeople finder
(this is being done by salesforce.com).
Wiki asking for help

Katrina Information Map.
This uses the Google map API and is a great tool for people who are looking for folks or want to assess damage. If you zoom in far enough, it’s amazing to see all the markers in the Gulf where people have asked or answered about flood damage or missing persons.

Family News Network.
Registry for people to find lost family members run by the Red Cross. This link is for people affected by Katrina.