LA Trip Day 3: The Reckoning

Awaken to severe pain in both legs. PAIN. Ev-ow-ry-ow step-ow ow-is ow-kill-ow-ing me. Ow.

Decide to hit Dupar’s for a fantastic breakfast and then shop shop shop. I hit the Apple store where I had an appointment for the Genius Bar. In and out in 10 minutes or less. $300-$600 for a new case, but dude says that it doesn’t look that bad, despite the bulge. I have burned a CD and used all the ports (except Ethernet) and the machine seems to be working fine. I thank him for my time and bail. I’m not going to throw the money down for cosmetic reasons. The machine will have to get over it.

We drive all over and walk all over and my legs are still killing me from the workout on the stairs. Los Angeles isn’t like most cities where you can easily take your camera and photowalk wherever you want. We were on Robertson and I was accused of being paparazzi twice. Then we ran into a group of actual paparazzi outside the MAC (makeup) store. We never found out who it was and kept walking.

Heather is talking about doing the stairs again on Saturday. I have an insane wife.