Larry H. Miller, Locally

Larry H. Miller “grabbed a microphone” from a local radio reporter when asked if he had anything to say about the cancellation of Brokeback Mountain at one of his theaters. I can think of a few euphemisms, all unfortunate, for Mr. Miller in this instance. Not sure how many people still care about this story, but here are a few links covering the latest:

KUTV’s story featuring Rod Decker reporting. He’s a loud reporter. Pay attention about halfway through the video to the very awesome cowboy vibe Decker is rocking. Killer sweet. KUTV is owned by CBS.

KSL’s story. KSL is owned by the Mormon church. They quote a Survey USA poll, which I believe is located here. If you can’t get the stream to load, Crooks and Liars has the story in Windows Media and QuickTime formats. The also-owned-by-the-Mormons Deseret News has a story about the microphone grabbing incident as well.

I wonder where KSL found those 500 adults. Church rolls? That would be a joke. Mormon readers don’t get your sacred underwear in a wad.

UPDATE: Twink, according to Urban Dictionary.

UPDATE: The not so local ESPN’s take. Thanks Nicole for sending this in. Best part: “…coward and a bigot.”