Last Stop by Jon Armstrong.

Last Stop

Taken along Highway 6 on the way to Moab. When I was on my way down, I made a note to stop by this abandoned gas station on my way back home. I was hoping for a little more sun, but it’s December. What are you going to do? Take shots.

I have no idea how long this gas station has been closed, but the barbed wire kept me off the lot and forced me to get a little creative with my shooting. If someone else had been with me, I think I would have found a way in and the resulting shots would have been better. It wasn’t too bad out, but cold enough that I didn’t want to stay out in it longer than I did.

I love the hand-painted letters and the slope of the red arrow.

* * *

Affirmation: Stop replaying the past.

  • Kristan

    I like the moody December sky, actually. I think more light/sky would have changed the pop of the red/blue sign. I love this shot just the way it is. :)

  • americanrecluse

    Oh man, I love this one. Dude, you’ve got to stop taking so many awesome pictures of arrows. I’m running out of places in my house to put them. KIDDING there are always more doorways.

    (Incidentally, I failed at purchasing the last arrow because I couldn’t make the fotomoto store work on the payment page and I keep forgetting to try a new browser. Just mentioning it in case you read the first part of this message and thought “Liar! You didn’t buy the last arrow!”)

    • blurb

      You can purchase a print of this image here.

      • americanrecluse

        Done and done. Thanks!

    • blurb

      Thanks for the purchase! I’m testing SmugMug, let me know how the process goes.

      • americanrecluse

        Getting to the spot where you choose size and buy wasn’t intuitive but I managed it. And then somehow clicked out of it. Hey, I’d just come from a long meeting. I’ll follow up when the print arrives. Shipping prices and estimated speed were great!

  • Jennifer Cafferty

    Great contrast

  • cyndyyates

    Great photo. Love this one!

  • Beth Rich George

    I am faced with the realization that I decorated my house with all of my husband’s family’s art. So I am finding my own to fill the newly blank spaces. This one goes in my kitchen.

    • blurb

      NICE! And thanks for your order!