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I’ve been at the eye doctor for 2 1/2 hours. They’re now at the very crazy (and expensive) lens portion of the program.

  • http://twitter.com/evolutionarypsy Emily Deans, M.D.

    Lasik is the best investment I made in the past 10 years.

  • http://twitter.com/danap83 Dana Petersen

    Ditto! If your script has been stable for several years and you pass all the cornea measurements and whatnot, I highly recommend Lasik. Despite loads of reading for grad school, my post-surgery vision (more than 4 years later) is actually BETTER than 20/20! Oo, does that make me the valedictorian of Lasik surgery?

  • http://blurbomat.com/wordpress/ blurb

    No Lasik for me. You are looking at a 14 year cornea transplant being covered by a scleral lens. I’m giving the lens a go. It was a lot more comfortable than the RGP I’ve been wearing.

  • AbolishIgnorance

    Ugh. Hope it’s just run of the mill – had my worst medical office experience recently at a new opthamologist. Just one part came when the optician let me pick out super light weight frames for lenses that were significantly different thicknesses – turned out to be the wrong prescription anyway, but it was an all around pain in the ass.

  • Jennifer Golightly

    Sounds like you may have had what I have–keratoconus? No cornea transplant for me, and the doctors think I may have dodged it because I’m past 30 now (I guess your corneas get more rigid once you get past 30), but my left eye is so bad it looks like I’m viewing everything through a rain-streaked windshield. No Lasik for me, either.

    • http://blurbomat.com/wordpress/ blurb

      Yes. Keratoconus. I’ve had it my whole life. When I got fit for contacts a long time ago, my doctor told me that it was very likely that a cornea transplant was in my future. And it was. So far, my left eye has shown little, if any signs of keratoconus. And I’m knocking wood.

  • kesters

    What a relief to find someone who understands the pain of having keratoconus. My right eye is the most affected as well and I too, am knocking on wood with regard to the left. I’m thankful for my left eye but at the same time I have a terrible habit of closing one eye at a time to compare the drastic difference in vision between the two eyes…This is usually followed by a nice sense of panic. Add to that my vision is near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other. I’m a relatively new reader, but have you written about your experience with the corneal transplant and or how well you’ve been able to correct your vision since then? I’m terrified that I might be on the cusp of needing a transplant.

    Also, this gives me so much more respect for your photography and your ability to work on computers all day long. I have the most difficult time focusing when I take photos. Perhaps I should give it another chance.