Leta and Me

Sorry. No photos. I’m too busy trying to entertain. I have a better understanding of what Heather goes through every day. The most pressure comes from making decisions every .48 seconds and then spending the next 15 minutes wondering if that decision was the right one. After awhile, it gets tiring and the neuroses settle into a nice hum, but it’s very tiring trying to decide this decide that while Leta is pondering putting the next thing into her mouth.

It’s very wonderful to be alone with Leta. She’s getting very subtle with some of her communications. I said some. This morning, she hit the wall and looked at me with outstretched arms. I picked her up and she instantly snuggled into my shoulder, resting her head and going a little limp. Very cinematic tender slow motion moment with an Iron and Wine soundtrack.

The weather is warming a little today and when we took Chuck outside for his morning dump, Leta was extra squawky and wanted to get down on the slowly awakening grass. I sat her down (far from the toxic waste zone) and she immediately curled her toes and lifted her feet. She held her feet up, balancing on her butt for a good minute or two. The ab power of that girl is incredible. After showing her that the grass would not kill her feet, she started to crawl and talk to the grass. I can’t wait for nicer weather and breakfast outside. Seeing the sun hit Leta’s face and watching her respond to her shadow is priceless.

I’m also cracking up about the ticket and the bunny ears. I made it a point to warn Lady Ms. Dooce Who Likes to Drive Fast that Price, Utah is notorious for speeding and speeding tickets. Classic speed trap. Thanks Maggie and Heather for coming out!