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Link: Live with Phil –

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Marco Arment’s great write up on the appearance by Phil Schiller at a live performance of John Gruber’s The Talk Show. And some really good photo of the events.

Marco is right that this is a big moment for podcasting and even more right about what a huge deal this is for Gruber himself. I really like this line from Marco:

“This meant a lot for both John and podcasting. Apple sent an executive to be interviewed on a podcast, and one of the highlights of John Gruber’s career as a writer didn’t involve writing at all.

I’m just hoping he can get Moltz for next year’s show, because I sure as hell wouldn’t want to follow this.”

I hope Gruber can get Moltz for this as well. We’d even reschedule recording Turning this Car Around if we had to. Hell, I’d probably go to San Francisco just to see that interview.