Link: Zeplin Raises $1.2M To Sync Designers And Developers With Less Hassle

I’ve been using Zeplin with Sketch for a big project and it is fantastic. Fantastic. I was on a call when I showed the development team Zeplin. Then I told the developer to click on an element. The silence spoke volumes. Then, “We can totally use this to start building the templates.”


I know I don’t normally talk about this kind of thing here, but it is life-changing to whip up a design in Sketch and then export to Zeplin, knowing that any developer who looks at the project in Zeplin will have everything they need to code pixel perfect renditions of the design. The live guides are life-changing. As is the live style guide for a project.

Watch this to see more:

I’m not getting paid for any of this, just wanted to share a tool that has made my UX re-entry much, much easier.

I’m really happy to see this company get some funding to push forward as it’s made working remotely super easy.

Source: Zeplin Raises $1.2M To Sync Designers And Developers With Less Hassle | TechCrunch

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