Lookin Good. Lookin Damn Good.

This is really surprising on one level and not on another. Creative Mac did some testing with a dual 2.0 GHz G5, a MacBook Pro and a MacBook running Apple’s professional video editing app, Final Cut Pro. The results are here.

Not bad for a consumer level laptop. If the Adobe apps were Universal, this machine would be a no brainer purchase.

  • Eight Hour Lunch

    My favorite parts of the article were the captions for the charts. “All results in minutes:seconds. Lower is *better*.” Your shittin’ me! I bill hourly for my freelance work. If anything I need a slooooooooowerr machine.

    I do have to confess to make Jon. I *did* love my G4 laptop when I was running Final Cut Pro. It was a very nice machine when someone else was paying.

  • erat

    I see Apple’s following in the tradition of the iBooks. When I got my G3 iBook, I recall reading a MacWorld (I think) comparison to its associated PowerBook; the end result was a recommendation to save your money and get an iBook unless you really, REALLY needed the extra RAM or video hardware.

    There will always be a legit high-end Apple laptop market, but I remain impressed with their “consumer” level stuff. I still think my G3 iBook rocks — it’s faster than my G4 iMac, oddly enough (both 800MHz with plenty of RAM) — but it’s time for a change.

  • omar

    The primary reason I got a 12″ powerbook instead of an iBook is because I often use an external monitor, and I wanted have it work as a second monitor, rather than only mirroring. Now that the MacBook can do that, I’m all about it. I can’t afford it yet, but I’m all about it.

  • Donny

    Very impressive numbers. I’ve only purchased 7 new Macs in the last several months. I hate odd numbers. It may be time to add another Mac to the family!

  • areyouwishing

    The apps are universal… it’s called “boot camp” :)

  • la_florecita

    Man, if only it had a backlit keyboard!! Then I wouldn’t even have a decision to make.

  • dallaskalani

    Iʻve partioned my drive with Boot Camp and installed the Adobe Suite (as well as Office) and am very happy with the result. I use MacDrive to access the Mac partition so I could keep the Windows-side to a minimum. Itʻs kind of a pain if you need to go back and forth alot because booting from one to the other takes longer than a reboot. But the speed increase in Photoshop makes it worth it. I keep the machine in Windows while at work. Then reboot at home into MacOS for all of our consumer-esque needs.

  • Jodie

    I have to ask what you think of the new Apple ad campaign. I think they are very creative. Love the Steve Jobs & Bill Gates look a likes.

  • Trackellalouise

    I just received my new computer at work yesterday…a refurb’ed 1.66 ghz Dual Core Mini. I haven’t had a chance to play on it very much, but I did open some video that I had edited in iMovie last year…it’s so ZIPPY! I can’t wait to see what else it will do…now I feel a MacBook purchase coming on, even though I just got this Powerbook a year ago. Dang!

  • The Mighty Jimbo

    i SHOULD have a job offer this week, and if so, i may try to talk them into a new macbook pro – running both windows and osx, and perhaps a 23 inch monitor too. sure, i could ask for options, but i’m a simple man with simple needs.

  • minxlj

    I got a new Intel G5 at work, and it’s pretty sweet on every level, except I do a lot of Photoshop work. Oh my dear god is it slow. And it crashes. I was THIS close to buying one for home too – like you say, it would be a no-brainer if Adobe apps were OK. GET A MOVE ON ADOBE!!!!!!! We can’t stand this any more!!!

    Ooh, as far as the simple needs go, a quad 2.5GHz G5 and 30″ display will do me nicely. Are you listening boss?? :-)

  • blurb

    Minxlj, there is no such thing as an Intel G5.

    I wouldn’t run Photoshop on a machine with less than 1.5 gig of RAM, regardless of processor, platform or version.

  • hannah

    Wow, thanks for sharing with us Jon! I just got my MacBook (in white of course) on Monday morning and have been glued to it since.

    I wanted a MBP was because of Final Cut, but received the new MacBook (white of course) as a rockin’ gift instead, and wow does this leave me hopeful!