Los Angeles

Super. For the record, and it is a big record, Blurbomat.com has relocated to sunny, fantastic, impossibly huge and siliconed Los Angeles. Where the beautiful people live. Where everybody is famous or at least looks famous. Everybody. And you see people who do normal jobs, not entertainment related, and THEY look famous and vaguely familiar and beautiful. And the radio man says…

Then there is fame. Just like the tram tour at Universal, fame is present, just in a facadual and completely fake way, including sarcastic tram driver making snide comments all along the way. But even the cynical do things for fame. To touch it and taste it. Bathe in it, hoping to get the hookup that will buy the house and enable margarita soaked afternoons poolside.

Did I mention the weather? Everyday, no clouds, mid 70s, lower 80s. Sun. Actually blue skies. Sure, there is the snooty talk about brown sky and smog sickness, but I see blue skies from the Blurbomat onsite freelance breakfast nook on the Westside.

Finally, we have the quiet neighborhood syndrome. All my friends live in quiet neighborhoods. It is crazy. This big giant town with parking lots all over it and no traffic after 11 pm. It is strange to be so close to an urban center, and hear birds and dogs. Part of that is the nature of the Blurbomat.com onsite freelance experience currently underway… The very exciting breakfast nook freelance scene. Famous people I’ve seen and or met: William H Macy & Jamie Foxx. I’m taller than both of them. I could kick their asses.