Macro: Filament in Bulb

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Macro: Filament in Bulb

Starting to really enjoy shooting with the macro extension tube. A relatively inexpensive way to play, using already owned lenses. I’ve not wanted to throw down the cash for an actual macro lens because I’ve known so many people who buy them and then sell them 6 months later.

There is a lot of aberration at the edges, but that can be easily cropped if you allow for it when you shoot. However, I hadn’t realized that when I shot this light. This shot was originally a portrait orientation that I cropped down in Lightroom.

When people talk about how megapixels don’t matter, I beg to differ. Megapixels, particularly on a large sensor, mean freedom. It’s not like I need the megapixels for every shot or even every 500 shots. But there are times that being able to crop and still have a usable shot sure is nice.

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