Macworld’s Review of Mac OS X 10.7

Macworld’s Review of Mac OS X 10.7

But the last four years have seen some dramatic changes at Apple. In that time, while Mac sales have continued to grow, Apple has also built an entirely new business around mobile devices that run iOS. Combine the influx of new Mac users with the popularity of the iPhone and iPad, and you get Lion.

Can Apple make OS X friendly for people buying their first Macs and familiar to those coming to the Mac from the iPhone, while keeping Mac veterans happy? That would be a neat trick—and Apple has tried very hard to pull it off.

via Apple Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) Operating System Review | Macworld.

This review is a bit more accessible than the Ars Technica link I posted earlier. I’m running the new system on my laptop. It’s pretty solid, but I’m going to have to wait awhile before I switch my main machine over. I’ve got too many mission critical needs on that machine to make the jump.

Have any of you made the jump? Thoughts?