Make it Stop

After marinating during wartime, I’ve determined:

  • Liberals just lie there and take it, because Saddam is a bad guy.
  • Apparently, if you support the troops, that means you must support the war. If you don’t support the war, you can’t support the troops.
  • Conservatives love to focus their rhetoric on how lame you are and not on your argument.
  • Liberal minded people must all move to France.
  • What’s so bad about France? They seem to be in it for the money as well.
  • Most trolls are conservative.
  • My new job means I can’t publish as much as I’d like.
  • has the best video feeds of all the major networks.
  • If you are a dog, you don’t care so much about anything other than how many times your belly gets scratched, how many treats you get or how mad dad gets when you chew Trident Cinnamon gum still in the wrapper and it gets all over the white carpet at grandma’s house.