Manhattan Bridge Yet Again

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  • MissingInIraq

    Jon –

    Since Heather brought up the Nikon vs Canon debates AND said you could speak to all the technical advantages of the one over t’other… well, would you? Please?

  • blurb

    It’s not really a debate. For the money and feature set, the Canon 5D was the right price (rebates!) and a definite step up in terms of resolution from the D70.

    It’s not like we hate one and love the other. It’s about being able to make better photos (better lenses help, and we are fans of the Canon line).

    It sounds corny, but we wanted to give back to our visitors and push ourselves. Getting higher end gear isn’t necessary, but it doesn’t hurt.

    I’ll do a write-up soon. Promise.

  • Eddie Garrett


    I have a Canon 20D and love it. Quick question … are you using an external flash and if so, which one? The built in one just isn’t getting for us.